2nd Phase Is Up

Okies Youse Folks…
The first phase of my mega project “eeqbalz playgroundz inc.” is up & about. The links are on and ready to roll. The project is fully powered by both Blogger.com (obviously duuuhhh) and Bravenet.com ( I like the suits of armour).

Second phase is uploading photos once I have myself a hosting site. Included also is fine tuning the tools I added at my blog like the poll and forum.I think I’ll throw in a bonus link (not that bonus link!) of cool links I know including my friends’ blog or website. So if youse is reading this and have a site, let me know.

I think I’ll stick to contemporary look (bloody lazy to do a whole overhaul on the layout). Phase three is when all the action start (I hope!). Anyway, I am suppose to finish up my projects but I was caught up with Friendster.com. After all these months, I suddenly got the urge to go strong into Friendster. Got myself lotsa dames (7 in 2 days).

Also a storm is brewing in IIUM… better watch myself. Looks like it’s going to be another rough ride. All hands on deck!!!


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