The Beginning….

Well… hi there folks.
Its been one of those weeks (or months) when EVERYTHING you see, do and hear is absolutely, positively BORING!

Since I’m stuck in this boring time zone and very conviniently it is my last week at the office (because a permanent staff is coming in), I just thought about blogging.

I’ve been heavily on the net for the past… what 6-7 years… I tried about every software to publish a website but not without dissapointing results. So I say what the hey… let’s give this blogging stuff a kick…

And because I’m that new at blogging, you WILL have to excuse the lousy lay outs. I have 4-5 major projects (oh how do I get stuck with all these things?) I need to finish before I shove my @ss out of here. There you go… talk about time constraints and human work (as in homework?).

Oh… I’ll get to the ‘working here’ bit once I figured out what’s this blogging all about.
‘Nuff said … let the ‘digging’ begin….


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