One Major Bug Squashed and all

It’s time fer another update folks….

First thing’s first, I managed to squash a nasty bug that plagued my blog. Well it was a silly mistake on my part but then again, I did followed the instructions.

Anyhow, my blog refused to update itself even after numerous posts. The problem started when I customized my template, an earlier post followed into the html. Thus when I saved the custom version of the template, in the post went. And it stucked there until I did a major overhaul.

Well that’s that. I dont know if I am able to put up pictures and update all the links. This is primarily because I wont be having much access to my pc at the office since this is the last day of my working days. And I have to be outstation for a few days… a much needed vacation I ‘ve been waiting for.

You know something? You wont know what you really have until you lost it. It aint no perfect world but so are we. I do kinda miss my job even it sucks more often than not. What I can say is that most people are complacent of what they have even though it means rotting under the sun. The same is with me.

It is actually scary to face the world not being employed and all. Working at a new place brings the same shiver to the old spine too. It looks like people are scared of the unknown, and who wouldn’t be. You get what I mean…

So here I am making myself busy packing up stuff at my desk into a box (a classic scene at an American workplace especially in the tvs). I like to go out unnoticed and dismissed unceremoniously. At least you wont have that lingering emotional attachement to the old place. Hey, dont tell me you love the cold that lingers all winter?

Well I’ll keep on posting and updating the blog as long as I have this fast internet connection. Back at home you wont believe the speed. Chin up everyone… we all should do fine if keep the faith.


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