Moving on…

Hello all fellow wage-slaves and uh… friends,

It has been a quite a while since I wrote the last time. Kinda busy…

Anyway, I have some news, good and bad I’m afraid. Okies, fer the good news, I landed myself a good part time gig, yup still at UIA, but with better benefits including overtime pay and EPF contributions! All praise to Allah the Almighty.

Now for the bad news… well there is a strong rumour going around in the office and pretty much the whole UIA that a MAJOR reshuffling of staff will be done. When? Most probably right after October this year. Who will be affected? Lets just say a tiny, itsy bitsy, minority of the UIA staff will NOT be affected. Why? Dont ask!

So you might ask, how will the major reshuffle affect me? Simple, 23 days and counting, I will be working with a different set of people at the division I am working. I just started on 15 September and barely got to know with the kind people at my division, and wham! I have to start it all over again. Hmmm… in short, you could get great people to work with or the worst of the bunch!

And hell, I am not even sure of my part time status here come 1st November. I can be terminated within 24 hours it seems. And the worst thing is, I can assure you the transition period wont be that pretty… could be chaotic or at best hiccups here and there.

That’s that. Oh by the way, Ramadhan is around the corner! Yippeee!!! Can’t wait! I really wished for a whole month of Ramadhan celebrations at UIA. Although I wont be at the college anymore but more or less it sure does bring a lot of fond memories back!

But one of my best buddies just got another job offer and he took it. Couldn’t blame him anyway. I guess I got my wish albiet partially. You know the saying… be careful what you wish for. It will be a very lonely Ramadhan for me but it would be great for the tons of work I have in the office!

Already I am feeling kinda sentimental. I must confess, the last Ramadhan here at the college office was something different from the past 16 years of Ramadhan. It really is different… especially being online almost all the time. I can’t exactly describe it… nevertheless my stash of Raya song is tingling to be played again… hopefully the Mahallah style.

I installed a receiver at some computers at the Mahallat and I was the DJ. I played all the fav raya songs and the peeps working at the Mahallat could listen to it! Fantastic! The only problem I forsee is the tarawikh prayers! I hate doing it at UIA. Worse still my best buddy Raja decided to spent Ramadhan at Bintulu. Hummph lonely indeed…

Anyway peeps… keep the faith as I always say and let it guide through the storms of our life. The journey isnt that long and the end shall greet you the least when you expected.


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