Some is not well… and ends well??

A very good Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all Muslims
and a good howdy to y’all…

It’s the first day of Ramadhan and I am pretty up and about amidst the not so up and about surrounding circumstances. Anyway, it is a Friday and as usual in the fasting month, UIA announced that there will be no 1-2 pm breaks; so we’re practically (notice the word I used) open.

However, we can leave by 3.30 pm. Hmm… I’ll leave that to your wise comments and cracks… Oh, I am having the usual iftar like last year. A packet or two of instant noodles, plain water and the old trusty internet enabled pc at the office. Hey come to think about it, it’s the same as the 2-3 years back!

The only difference is I’ll be online wif Mr. Hamazayakiyota (Acer) instead of Unca Dell. Apart from the lost sentimental value and the unstable YM connection thru Win eXPerimental, the Acer is quite ok especially for free computing time with it.

Yesterday was almost swell. Come to think about it, yesterday could be the turn of my life if I had the guts and clear head to do it. We had a one day course about event management and protocol given by an ex-PTD. Anyway it ended at 4.30p.m. So naturally I went back to the office.

At about 5.00pm the office phone rang and it was my dad calling to tell me to call an officer from a govt department in Putrajaya. So I rang the officer and tarraaa it was something I was waiting for. A job in govt sector albeit on 1 year contract basis. It needed the so called legal technicalities know-how and pretty much iron clad patience since you have to deal mainly with people.

Anyway, the most intriguing part is that, the officer said I have to gave my answer right there and then. Without even giving me a chance to weigh the offer. So I said I need more info and I was willing to go for the interview just to get a better insight. But the officer said if I say yes for the interview, I am practically in!!!

Damn I hate making decisions! So I toyed on the excuse that I was very involved in my division’s ISO attempt and I needed time especially it is not ethical to just drop whatever I am doing here and hop in that govt bandwagon. I like to leave with a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and clear-conscienced that I had deliver all that is required of me and with a bonus that I had done it above and beyond the normal call of duty.

It was very hard to say no. But I had these put into considerations:-
i. it’s a contractual basis govt job with no guarantee of extension. Bear in mind that in govt sector if you are under contract and is not continued for whatever reasons, you will find yourselves in a difficult position in an interview as it raises a big red flag. The non-continuance of your service in a government sector carries far fetching negative consequences than in a private sector.

Just think, why would not a govt extend your contract apart from problems coming from yourselves? …unless in the private sector, where temps are the norm. Anyway, after delaying the answer for 10 minutes, I had to say NO! I had a great boss, nice job and good experience. I mean for rm16,000 plus minus for a year, what can you buy?

I had to go to work in Putrajaya everyday if I said yes. How should I go there? Bus… naaah. Car… where got one. Bike… gonna cost me at least $4,500. Minus the income tax, socso, epf and all those things, and with the addition of housing etc, I think that would stretch my prospective salary pretty much thin to my current salary and living costs!

Then I had a talk with some of friends. I didnt see it but they pointed out why would a govt dept would rush things? I mean I had to attend the interview at 8.30a.m. at putrajaya and I got to know about it at 5.00 p.m. the day before? And furthermore, I will report duty on the same day the interview was! Pretty fishy isnt it?

So they concluded that most probably the office already had someone he/she knew in line for the job. I was just a scumsucker used by the officer in order for the officer to be following the regulations or something like that.

But I couldnt sleep well last night. I was tormented by the opportunity lost. I took it very bad. I dont know man. I’m just the stoopit stool pigeon who is too damn loyal to almost everyone who is good to him. Heck, I am still waiting for my hearthrob way back in 1995 during form 5. I had a great crush on her and still do now. Stoopit huh? Well that’s me I am afraid.

So oh Mighty Allah Lord of the Universe, I pray Thee for Thine help and guidance all the way to the Paradise… for I am all weak. Never let me go astray of Lord. Ameen!

Keep the faith boys and girls. Life is still plenty of suprise. Ye canna say ye have them all. Bye!


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