Selamat hari raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri…

So it’s already the 4th raya… pretty fast huh… So I did the usual. Bought some stuff for home, went to Sungai Ramal Dalam… and watched the ‘aliens’ in KL flocking and loitering around the city.

Quite the same raya activities for me. After that, it was sleep, sleep and sleep at home. Not much to do. And I surely need to catch up with the lost sleep (thanks to Counter Strike) and to stock up the sleep for the marathon surfing sessions.

You know as u grow up, Raya becomes pretty much a chore especially if you are like 24 years old AND unmarried. Gender doesn’t count here, apparently both female and male will feel the same. Worse, from that age then you will have to endure the people who pop the question : when will you get married?

So my advice is avoid staying long at these people’s home such as your parents, your relatives and nosy people (hey, that really gonna cut out ur raya spirit wouldnt it?) The choice is yours. For me, I slyly but quickly enough change the topic without being too obvious about it. For some, the deaf ears work wonders.

Right now I am in the office slaving the day. It’s pretty good actually. Instead of wasting my time at my room or home or KL, I just lepak at the office where no one disturbs me. It has the advantages of :-
1. people think I am bloody dedicated towards my work
2. there’s practically no work to do and thus
3. it’s just like taking a holiday but with the plus of
3. saving my annual leaves
Great huh?

It havent been a great raya but then again it aint that bad either. I just hope I have the opportunity to see the next ramadhan come 2005. Need to make up a few things. Selamat hari raya aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.


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