How are y’all?

I hope you guys are ok. So let me see… I have some updates on the happenings (and mishappenings of course) around me.

First, I just found out that my student web based email account has its plugs pulled by the administrator. Cool isnt? NOT!!! I dont care much about it. Heck it gave only 10 megs of free space (puny in this day & age!). Worse, it was plagued all the time with bugs and glitches here and there. You would think gremlins had a field trip over at the server.

Anyway what irratted me the most is when they decided to pull the plug, they didnt give a damn about the user. Just like oh hey lets just piss from the tenth floor and see if it hits somebody… DUUUHHH!!! Of course deactivating something as important as electricity would definitely send someone else’s blood pressure up! I mean this was my means of e-communications. Might as well these idiots erase my name at the JPN.

At least you dolts please inform me first alright. It’s your stuff so when ye ask it back, I will surely give it. Do it with manners mind you. Damn you guys are really dense upstairs aint you? Phew! Next….

Oh I just came back from Kuantan. It seemed my division was going for ISO and they needed some brainstorming. I surely suprised them… see I got the flow chart with detailed explainations up and ready before they even can grasp the significance and consequences of getting ISO certified. I aint bragging but since I was involved unofficially in an ISO attempt by my previous division, I could say I know something more.

By the way STAD managed to get certified last October. Anyway, the division was pretty ok according to the power-wielders over there and my help was not needed ISO-wise. I spent the 3 days and 2 nights taking pictures on a lousy Sony handycam (since the lense is terrible). I ate, took pictures, ate, more pictures, ate again, took pictures too and slept and some more pictures. You get the drill.

I didnt say that I was ‘perasan’ to be a part of IIUM but then again I turned down the Putrajaya offer mainly because I thought I could pitch in some help anyway I can to this division’s ISO attempt. I am no master but then again IIUM’s internal consultant aint that much help anyway. So now I now that my decision regarding the Putrajaya offer was a bad decision. Oh well, past life past mistakes. Next…

I just got a brand new handphone namely Nokia 2650, released to the market at least 3 weeks before. It is Nokia’s 2nd attempt into the flip / clam-shell design. It has a cool silver casing. But a bit flimsy spring for the shell… just like the ones in the ones in arch files. Anyway here’s the link… http://nokia.com.my/nokia/0,,60289,00.html look it up for yourself.

It has a pretty good standby time. It has been 5 days since its full recharge and now it’s begging to be recharged. That’s quite a feat. But to get the full use of its MMS and GPRS capabilities, I really advise you guys to contact your network operator. It is really confusing. Next…

Oh while I am writing this, the whole of parent division of my outfit is out on a Family Day at Penang. What a lark it is. Since I am a PARTie (as in part-timer) I didnt even envision myself going to the trip as a participant. But I could go as a organizing committee (OC) member. And since my 2nd big boss asked me to go, I enquired one of the OC. The PARTie bit came up again and since I was that I wasnt entitled to go.

I wanted to be an OC I said. So the OC said I can go AND do ALL the work provided I paid RM100.00. WOW! It’s just like prison. I have to pay a fine and do hard labour at the same time. That is really brilliant you guys! Cheap and profitable labour for you! Nice. So what I am? I may be a PARTie but never the dumbass. So sorry assholes… get your forced labour somewhere else.

Heck, that was the beginning. On thursday evening, they asked me to print out certificates, photocopy and cut out pamplets and get supplies from ground floor to the 2nd floor. I was ok with that since all the OCs are with me. So what the hey, lets help em. But then they asked me to go to Asma’ and get 5 boxes of mineral water. I went there with Wari’ car. Loaded em and went back to Central Complex.

The OCs were suppossed to wait me downstairs. I called one of them but that dude got the telephone stuck to her ears. The others… sleeping I guess. So I went up and asked one of the OC to bring down the trolly since I am already tired. The idiot replied “Hey who are you to tell me that?”. I was flabbergasted! I finished the job and sat in front of the tv. One of the OC even had the nerve to ask me again for help.

I told her “No way in Hell I am going to help you again! Maybe next year. ( this of course is a censored version, you DONT want to know what I said)”. The next morning I ignored all of them especially when they asked for help. I really burst that morning when they thought it was funny to ask me about the keys to the operation room where they kept all the Family Day presents there.

Each and every time I go inside that f*cking room to print out colour documents, one of these stupid, airhead bimbos would always say ” Haa kalau ada hilang barang, coklat ke gula2 mesti kerja Ikhbal!”. Then they have the f*cking nerve to ask me about the keys which I never kept. My portion of the office was quite when I shouted at the person for asking me that.

But of course, at STAD you get all the idiots, the backstabbers, the lazy, the business-minded doing business during office hours, the sour-faced nuts, the I-am-holier-than-thou airheads, the hen parties goers and lotsa more. The only thing keeping me there is that I wanted to help the Mahallat from outside since I couldnt do so inside that division because I was a PARTie. Outside I have more free time to help with their projects. Next…

I suddenly got the urge to burn the software and websites collections on the Acer on to CDs. Altogether, 12 cds were burnt bringing the total of information stored to 8.4 gig! The Acer now breathes happily with all those gigs of infos erased from its hard drives!

That’s about it. Keep the faith like always. See you in a month 😉


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