Hey hey hey… the 2004 book is about to be closed. 2005 is just around the corner. I really wonder what does 2005 and the future for that matter hold for us all. No same old, same old I hope!

Oh I like to invite ye guys to mah friend’s blog. Pretty nifty, in fact it is a whole world of difference from mine, especially given the bloody fact that I introduced the author to the blogging world… sheeesh! hehehe no offence there Anna… just joking around. Anyway she is very dedicated towards her blog and that’s why it’s updated often with pics and links about. Here is the link….

I just about to give up with I gathered around from friends alike that they haven’t been called up for a lousy interview for the past 1 year or more. These guys are with solid working backgrounds from various academic qualifications. SPM, STPM, Diploma and Degree, you name it. The only similarity is of creed. I say no more since it would be seditious. You get what I meant anyway.

My advice is stay clear of this bullshit I mean. If you are really interested in getting a job from an employment agency, try registering yourself in person at their office instead of via online. At least that was how my friend got his job. Which agency? I wont recommend one since I haven’t done the same myself 😀 too busy these days!

I’ll be on leave from the 29/12 until new year… yippeee a well deserved rest I assure you. The problem is all I wanna do is stay in bed and sleep all day. I was looking for some fiction books in the vein of LOTR but couldn’t find one. It would be a great companion for the short vacation. I hate going out to KL. Nothing to do, same old traffic jams and crowd. I think I’ll go home for 2 days.

The last Christmas holiday in KL was murderous with the almost rowdy crowd flocking at western food restaurants especially in Kampung Baru. So I went wif my big sis and a friend to Big Plate at Taman Melawati instead of the boat restaurant at Kampung Baru. I will definitely not go out this weekend since it’s bloody new year celebration everywher. Great! I think I camp in the office with astro.

UIA succeeded in its attempt to cross the Straits of Malacca from Melaka tu Dumai, Indonesia. Hooray … 2 IIUM students did it with a female staff of Majlis Perbandaran Selayang in 1 1/2 hours. Cool! Anyway I was merely involved as a ground crew preparing their accomodations and homecoming celebrations. Got a humilating scolding from my big boss for setting up the homecoming banner at the wrong place.

Heck I wasnt in the bloody meeting or in the working committee even! I just went there to help anyway I could. Anyway I took it personally since I was just following my direct boss’s instructions. Typical of these big heads anyway. That is just part of the life of a damn part-timer anyway. So there you go! And to these airheads, the kid’s gloves are off. Expect no mercy from me in the future!

My eyes are getting cloudier especially after I stared at the PC for 2 solid days programming in Access for a IT inventory database for my division. Damn… new glasses I guess! Oh another piece of advice, get your butt covered with some kind of insurance will ya especially if you are not covered by your employer. A nice one is with Takaful Ikhlas. Just a mere RM120 and u are covered with the bonus of getting some dividends which has been zakat-deducted for you. Nice!

I am wishing you all a great start for 2005 insya Allah. Dont let yourself be bullied you hear! Life is too short to be other’s amusement park. Take control of your life. Even if you can’t change the damn world, at least dont let it change yours! Keep up the faith.


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