Hooba Hooba

Dear all,

As you all know, the year 2005 really started with a terrible lost of lives. It really showed you how cheap life can be. Make sure you and your love ones live theirs to the fullest and to the best of it. Maybe it can as long as 75 years or more or as short as a second, make sure you make it count. God is All Merciful, He knows best.

For the past 2 weeks, I have this feeling again of sadness of which origin I am not made known of. You have this feeling of wanting to be alone but yet you long for your true friends to be by your side. All these with a touch of a strange feeling that all you have now and where you are, will sooner than you would like to think, will go away.

It is pretty funny and very much confusing. A time as such that songs like The Reason from Hoobastank really sail you away into some not so distant memories of past happy days. It is like somebody is calling you, begging for you from afar; so much a distance that the calling is just a mere wisp of air that you can barely hear yet you are so sure it is blowing softly past you. I usually get this kind of feeling when my mom is kinda sad or something not nice just happened to her. Things like that.

My mom, dad, my younger brother and I share a bond of telepathic link. My mom and I especially can actually feel any strong emotional turmoil especially the sad ones. My dad can ‘detect’ either me or my brother 5 minutes before we reach home. He will know we are coming back when he suddenly has this urge to mention our names to mom and voila! We appear at the door 5 minutes later. Without fail! Cool huh?

On a more jovial mood, and speaking of telepathy, I had this dream that one of my officer friends came to me and handed me some papers. He said to me that I am promoted to an Executive Officer (Diploma level post) but on contract basis and without over time pay. I looked strangely at him and suddenly I woke up.

Then when I went to work the next day, one of the officer at my office came to me and ask whether I want to go back to my old job but a different place. I asked her why sudden offer? She said one of their EO is transferring to Kuantan and she needed somebody to temporarily replace him.

I asked then what was the pay? She said it was the normal RM640 per month without any OT. I scoffed her offer because I am earning now a decent income with OT plus it is a great job. She remarked “Eleh merajuk la tu”. It really completed my ‘prophecy’ when my officer friend who is incidentally an EO came to me a few minutes after!!! Was that Nostradamus in the making or what??? Hahaha…

Talking about my old job, my friends over there asked for help in their video presentation. They needed me to translate the dialogue into English for an English version. The problem was they needed it ready in less than 24 hours. For a video presentation slightly under 20 minutes in English for the Rector in such a short time frame, that was certainly a tall order. Anyway a headache and a bout of constipation, I finally got it done, barely.

The Rector loved it! He said the message was very clear! All Praise is to Allah. People were unsure of the translation as it was pretty long winded and wordy. Hey I wasn’t born English literate anyway! The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction were extremely awesome.

Especially since the Hostel Task Force the video was about, was more or less my idea, and it was rejected by our immediate bosses. To get such praise is tantamount to implied recognition of the Task Force. Something we have been fighting for months! Hooray for the Mahallah Administration. (Mahallah is Arabic for residential hostel)

That is about it… see ya soon. Keep up the faith!


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