Smiling Mount

Hullo there,
Ok here what happened last week or so…
1. On the 29/1/05 (saturday) I finally got called for the entry examinations to the Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik service. Like I applied last July 2004 and it took me around 6 months for a call. It better be good.

You bet, the questions are quite easy in the general knowledge category to downright cutthroat hard in the logical/mathematical set of questions. Jeez… for example if A is moving North at 3km per hour and B is moving west at 4km per hour, at what MINUTE would it be when the distance between the two of them is 1 km???

Ok you math wizs, probably pretty easy for you huh? Well try solving 59 more questions like that in 45 minutes and you will get what I mean.

Anyway the essay part was quite easy. An interesting fact I noted is when it comes to the Bahasa Melayu essay, ALL the candidates sat through the question probing their skulls for ideas until the very last minutes. But then when we all sat for the English essay test, 3/4 of the hall are empty but 30 minutes of the exam. Shows you how much BM is actually used in the outside world (read: corporate slash private sector as opposed to the public sector).

In addition, I was told to wait for the results after 1 month or so before the next phase (or wave) of ‘filtering’ of candidates. The next stage would be the accessment test where you will bunched together and expected to produce results in a team for 2 days. Yuck! Mankind is superb, it is the people I cant stand! All in all, I pray to Allah that I will be enrolled into PTD at the very last as soon as possible. Amin!

2. I went to Gunung Senyum (hence the title!) in Pahang from the 4th till the 6th of this month. Pretty awesome sight. Nice place. The mountain has a total of 17 beautiful and mysterious caves. Mysterious is because all of the caves have names like Gua Silat, Gua Cahaya Bulan dan Gua Chandi to name a few. All of the names were derived from legends and old folks’ tales.

Anyway, it was a student programme and I was instructed to accompany them (a standard procedure). The place was ‘keras’ as you would say in Malay to refer to spirit and apparation haunted places. The place is beautiful which challets, a hall, a marching field, a surau, a kitchen and camping sites. But after you listen to the locals (Forest Rangers in this case) narrate a few spine-chilling bedtime stories, those wonderful facilities and sights wont be that wonderful no more.

In fact we did a burung hantu session, something which is banned even in BTN camps but was okayed by my boss. It started at nearly 1.00 a.m. with the help of some loud mouthed rangers. Strangely, I watched a student who was the only one visible to me in that dark night. Suddenly, he rose up and ran into the darkness. I couldnt hear his footsteps so I assumed he had stop to his senses and when back to his waiting place.

Earlier on we did a count of 60 students but at the end of the session at 3.00 a.m. there were only 59. Worse, the rangers took 20 of the students and were taken for a ride when they realized that they had been walking for 3.2 km. Mysteriously, we put a student every 5 meters. But according to them, they kept on hearing behind them students walking behind even after the 3 km. When they got suspicious, they quickly turned around and was shocked to see that they have been walking without anybody behind them. Who or what were those walking behind them??? eeewww….

The mystery of the lost student came to the end when he was found sleeping in his tent. According to him, he did not participated in the first place since he was too tired. So who in actual fact we had started with 59 students in the first place and not 60. That 1 extra student was probably somekind of a cheeky ghost. That ghost was probably the lad I saw rising and running to the darkness. Hmmm….

On a lighter note, we did a cave exploration. It started at 9.30 a.m. and ended at close to 1 p.m. Those caves were beautiful! Pity we didnt have the time to explore it all. Anyway when we came out of the mountain, guess who I met? Rizal, my buddy!!! Of all the places and time to meet, God chose this particular moment and place. I could not see him in KL but He arranged us to meet in Pahang! Cool huh!

Until know, the words of the commanding Forest Ranger (not those two jokers) still bring smiles to me when I recall my meeting with Rizal. “Bila aku teringat Gunung Senyum, aku akan tersenyum!” It certainly does, En. Roslan!


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