Spreading further… (like a disease?) ;-)

Welcome all to Eeqbalz Playgroundz Incorporated.

It has been almost 4 years when EPI started out humbly at UIAM. We did mostly in-house computer maintenance, free software provider cum host and also multimedia and computer engineering.

As time moves on, so do we, as circumstances permit and fate ordained. We have moved from a intranet setup to a global enterprise. However, our present situation does not allow us much foothold on several endeavours and thus we settled for the next best thing; improvise the impossible!

That’s why you may have noticed we changed hosts and web addresses quite a few (example). We really missed our intranet setup and so do our customers. Anyway, we are aggressively launching more and more of our subsidiaries, venturing forth into quality services. EPI believes diversity in the face of adversity. However, one may not expect much for the time being, given EPI’s current financial and other resources contraints.

We plan in the near future for a internet tools one stop centre, a video store, picture archives and lots more. For now, EPI has some subsidiaries running pretty fair such as EPI – Friendster Blogs Unlimited as well as EPI Friendster Unlimited. Please bear with us as you did in the past.

Thank you.

The Management.                                                                                                                                          EEQBALZ PLAYGROUND INCORPORATED 2006


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