Dear Friends,

After numerous attempts to get my original and not to mentioned sentimentally inclined blog working on my new office’s network failed, I therefore but most reluctantly raised the all-too-familiar white flag rendering any future and futher attempts fruitless and undoubtedly futile. Damn, that was a mouthfull but indeed relieving.

It has been ages since I was able to update my blog. I really missed posting my ramblings and what nots. Actually, it never fail to impress me reading my own blog even I do say so myself. Since one’s own perspective and world view changes with time, it is quite interesting to see how your thinking evolve through the test of time.

Needless to say, documenting events is also my favourite past time. Now armed with a digital camera, I vow to make it even more graphical and revealing. I just hope the tools of my blogging trade continue to improve in terms of ease and functionality. The quest of searching such characteristic of my blogging tools had led me to migrate and imigrate to various blogging as well as web.

Verily, my quest has yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Being busy most of the time and with the limited internet access at my disposal, the holy grail of blogging tools may be just that. A myth and fiction of a ambitious online warrior who lacks the proper knowledge and skills.

Well that just about it…. later on guys… my boss is just beside me now… ouch! 


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