Eeqbalz Playgroundz Inc. – The Friendster Blog is CLOSED

Yup, you read the title quite right. So yeah, another one bites the dust.

Actually I can easily delete the junk n stuff posted on the net via friendster but naah I think I just leave it alone like some sort of souvenir of yon time in the past. Havent had much of those lying around so might as well I start now.

Bah… after all this while being AWOL from posting to the net, I thought I could write thru the wee hours of the morning but I’m stumbling with the Internet equivalent of a writer’s block, yup the blogger’s stumble I called it. In fact, I was practically drooling at home (oh yeah by the way, I am doing this at a cybercafe near my home… it costs me RM1.50 per hour after 10pm) with anticipation of writing to my wits end.

I was fantasizing writing things I love like the Internet and computers and stuff about nature. I guess my enthusiasm kinda burnt itself out as I was riding my trusty Honda 2-seater…humph! Well, lets talk about this CC I’m in.

The PCs seem to be quite fast without those annoying spyware scum. I noticed it’s installed with AVG antivirus but it’s internal database is outdated. I canna seem to update it probably due to the user rights setup. It has Norton Ghost and GoBack enabled which I might just praise because it will revert the pc to its birthday condition minus all of those junks installed.

The connection is praiseworthy as it blazes the net like greased lightning (oops I may just over glorified it). But of course you canna really replace my two previous offices. They were absolutely heavenly for yours truly internet junkie. Well that’s that. Ah… I stumbled upon an interesting website

It’s a personality test. A rather accurate one I may add. It has 11 simple and easy enough questions. Just relax yourself and put aside 10 minutes or less for the test. (Damn, there isnt a logo for me to put up here).

By the way, my pals at my old office said that almost all of the pcs over there were down wif somekind of various. The badly infected pcs would prepetually reboot whilst the less infected ones (i canna fantom why would there be a variation of degree of infection) would see some MS word or excel documents corrupted and 1 or 2 drivers go missing. Apparently a suspicious executable named delete_me or something like that appears out of the blue after downloading an email message.

Yes, I have to say this, SOPHOS really suck big time. A quick google search reveal several suspected culprits but I believe the virus which strucked my old office (hah my old PC werent  affected!) is as old as yesterday’s coffee. You no major antivirus companies nor security group are reporting a major virus attack similar to the one at my old office. I suspect the virus was at least 2 months old news. 

Anyway I use AVG Free edition but I rather be behind Norton AV anytime. But then again signature based AV is pretty lame since it depends on the user or the programme to religiously update it / itself for new virus signatures less it cant detect dirt. So there… Maybe if I have time, I’ll put up a list of my favourite arsenal against the online threat including the much hated spyware.



2 responses to “Eeqbalz Playgroundz Inc. – The Friendster Blog is CLOSED

  1. rasa rindu plak kat uia bila bc cerita nih!!mcm2 ada..anyway miss ur voice..used to surprised me a lot last few years..hahaha..hopefully still remenber me ya!!ur x-junior currently x-iiu but not ur x-fren..kan abg iqbal..the most bachelor and helpful person during during ta’aruf week..

  2. Hye dani,
    hahaha abg ingat dani lagi la… jgn risau. Add me at
    tuanwujian at gmail dot com.
    most bachelor kor hohohoh…
    Anyway I still miss UIA even tho dh ada keje lain (bkn tidak bersyukur tp terkenang2 je tpt jatuh bangun). Dani ada blog? bak sini…
    Thanks for reading my 2 cents worth!

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