Of holidays, rotting food and dragons


STARING A BLANK : Concentrating my LLB (Look Like Busy) pose

Dear All,

Today is supposed to be a public holiday for those who are wages slaves in the Federal Territory… nonetheless the call of duty for me is unescapable, quite similar to umm… let’s see… ah yes… the call of nature! Yes, you can’t really avoid it without experiencing some sort of discomfort to yourself or in most cases to others… yecch!

I know there are more than a handfull of poor souls being summoned to work today in the FT, either by letter, sms or the sleepless nights caused by the expected outrage and occassional shouts from your boss. In my case, I was summoned by all of the above! Indeed, I once felt that if I can get a steady and permanent job, going to the office and probably sleep there won’t be a problem, or so I thought! And the saying “It’s always greener on the other side” rings too true for this pityful person. Reaching this ‘greener pastures’ after much fruitless attempts, I saw the other side being not only greener but also lavishly stocked with fruits and joy. Ah well, these are the fortunes of war for me!

I may add that apart from the office being hot and stuffy (think Prison Break where everybody in the series seems to be drenched with perpetual sweat), the rotten aroma of last week’s food stashed in the many a waste paper basket in the office apparently add some spicy flavour to the already unbearable thought of working in the otherwise blissful holiday. Life it seems always has its own brand of jokes and amusement to those who seek the lighter side of life; the rest of us (me included) prefer to sulk and sigh to these circumstances.

As I continue to type on the computer with my sweaty palms, I begin to wonder is there any life (in the very true essence) for the  man on the street as he / she starts a career in the age group of late 20s to late 50s? Or perhaps everybody is living a lie and carrying a pompous face with neon lights saying “HEY, I HAVE A LIFE!”?. Such thoughts I decided, should be left alone in the waste paper basket a few metres away from me and marinate happily with the nauseous leftovers.

Matters such as fighting dragons and saving damsels in distress in the land of Tamriel (from the game The Elder Scroll IV : Oblivion) suddenly become an immediate concern. Of course this has something to do with boss dropping by my office moments ago, announcing his departure home, HOORAY!!! By the way, I may alternatively take the day of if it happens to be a holiday in Tamriel!


 MY OTHER (TRUE?) LIFE : Oblivion is the 4th installment of the TES by Bethesday Softworks


3 responses to “Of holidays, rotting food and dragons

  1. ko pandai menulis ler.. bg org yang tak kenal ko..

    tp bg aku.. ko pandai membebel.. dan menulis…

  2. cantek nye meja dia.. siap ada bunga lagi..


  3. Oh sorry bout the pic, actually my meja is too similar to a bomb site. So I did my work on a chick’s desk ok! I’m not going all sissy hehehe

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