The case of the missing files

Mmm… dusty this blog is… I wonder who’s the guy running this blog heheheh…

So here I, trying to update my blog whilst fending off the rigmaroles of my life. As I am driven to a choking point in my work, slyly a virus / trojan / irritantware came along whistling happily. Of course my MSI Mega Book is already armed with McAfee Antivirus 2008 which proved its mantle during my DPA days. Nonchalantly, I gave my signature EPI ‘humph’ when my thumbdrive began to behave strangely after copying some files from a laptop at work.

Strange in the sense that suddenly all the files on the thumby vanished into thin air. That happened after I plugged it into my laptop. McAfee didn’t scream a warning which didn’t help much with calming my nerves already racking at the horrible prospects that all my files have hoped on the  “Gone-With-The-Wind Land” bus. Frantically (which I may add at the time it was already 9pm and I haven’t had my bath yet AND STILL IN DA OFFICE!), I powered up the olde scandisk app. After a few spins, the scan was completed and still no beef. The files were not still not there.

Thankfully I remembered encountering a virus which hide all your files from your ever nosy and poky eyes. Apparently cheeky programmers have found delight in not only making people’s life miserable but also having to see us poor office workers suffering heart attacks every few seconds! A quick search with google revealed that these monkeys have devised programmes that automatically alter your files attribute to  Super Hide. The normal hide attribute can be easily access via “Tools – Folder Options – View – Hidden Files and Folders” from any folder you open on your PC. However the Super Hide Attribute can only be tinkered through the Command Prompt. Another quick google search reveal a tutorial on how to remedy this sticky Super Hide situation of yours truly. In short this is how you do it (for flash disks usually)

1. Open Windows Command prompt  (Start – Run )
2. Type cmd and press enter
3. Goto your flash disk (e.g. your thumbdrive is shows as drive E:) type e:    and press enter
4. Type      attrib -s -h /s /d    and press enter
5. That should make all your files reappear again! Whew!

Of course in my case which is caused by a virus, you should scan your thumbdrive and PC with a good Antivirus before attempting this since the pesky bug will Super Unhide your files again. Sheesh!

Happy computing!


The Victims :The Thumbdrive in shining armour Sir Eeqbalz II and the Black Knight Sir Eeqbalz I


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