Shackled by quota… OMG who are the oppressors???

Today’s The Star published a news on the bumi equity in transportation sector (rarely it does this paper!). It seems that ‘slavery’ in forms of ‘shackles’ are well and alive in Malaysia. Oh perish the thought! We are civilized people for crying out loud, we don’t shackle people and we don’t oppressed people, we use economic jargons to cover up greediness that’s what we do. Puuh.. (News courtesy of The Star Online).

Umno Youth: 30% bumi quota not a stumbling block

PETALING JAYA: Umno Youth has defended the 30% bumiputra quota in local industries, saying that it is not a stumbling block to be globally competitive.

Umno Youth’s economic bureau said it considered the proposal by Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat to abolish the 30% bumiputra quota as the personal opinion of the Transport Minister and that did not reflect the stand of the Transport Ministry.

“The continuous attack on equity ownership, claiming that it was the stumbling block to be globally competitive, is inaccurate and untrue.

“The root of the problem is a matter of perception, where equity is seen as aid rather than pure entrepreneur cooperation,” it said in a statement.

The bureau also said that the equity issue should not be blown out of proportion.

On Monday, Ong called for the “quota-centric” system to be dropped so that local industries could survive globalisation.

He said the time had come for industries to be independent of a system that had become regressive.

The liberalisation of the services sector, he said, would test the resilience of Malaysian companies.

“But we still have people talking about the New Economic Policy and the 30% quota. We need to ask ourselves how resilient our companies are. I don’t want to see the minds of our people being shackled by this so-called quota-centric system,” said Ong.


One response to “Shackled by quota… OMG who are the oppressors???

  1. They see the portion given to us originals are a stumbling their block and not the rest of Malaysia. When the fact is that us originals are not even close to that 30% quota and the fact that if the calculations are done correctly it will show clearly that the margin are similar.. They only wanna be ahead of everything and lead.. IN THEIR FACE!!

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