The case of the Best Antivirus

Now, you may have read my posting on the pesky virus which hid my files on my trusty thumbdrives. I purposely left out the part on the antivirus bit. As I have mentioned before, I used (!) to rely on McAfee virus scan. Alas it also succumbed to the never ending onslaught of new virus, worms and spywares rearing its ugly head every now and then. Come to think of it, it usually come out NOW rather than THEN.

I used to work at another department which relied on Sophos Antivirus. I gathered at least 100 pcs were affected by some kind of virus. It effectively render your pc unbootable. Of course, sensing the danger was amidst of us, I uninstalled Sophos and installed AVG 8 Free Edition. It fended off all of the attacks and by the end of the day, my PC and my friend’s were the ones which ran, barely. Every 1-2 minutes, there will be a pop-up from AVG notifying it has quarantined some packets of data sent through our LAN.

Our mistake was only to shut down the PC and LEAVING THE LAN CABLE CONNECTED AND/OR LEAVING THE POWER SWITCH ON. Hence the virus ridden data packets still came into the PC without the benefit of AVG being online. By next Monday, both of our PCs were rendered huge and expensive paper weights. It took the technicians a good 2 weeks to get back all of our PCs online. Thank God the datas were intact.

Right now my office uses the same Sophos bullsh*t. Lotsa worms and viruses which IMOS.EXE being the top culprit are floating around here, no thanks to Sophos. After losing all of my data on my thumbdrive, I uninstalled McAfee which also was a bane to do so and installed a 30-day trial version of Kapersky Antivirus. Note to all McAfee users, you can only partially uninstall McAfee. You need this utility to do so cleanly and absolutely uninstall it.  Lame! Kapersky on the other hand is easy to install but a bit techie in its application.


WOT A MESS: A Peek of My Desktop & oh yes, Kapersky in action

Owing to the fact that today’s viruses are very cunning and resourcefully crafted, one indeed need to be a technician in order to use today’s antivirus. Kapersky’s ‘recommended for most users’ settings ought to help out most users but then again you may without knowing it, block or disrupt a good and legitimate application from running properly on your PC. Anyway, I chose Kapersky after making a quick google search under “best antivirus”, which more or less indicated that Kapersky is the best, for now. The once King of the Hill, Norton Antivirus is out. Similar to McAfee, these yesteryears top AV vendors have put on extra weight and usually termed BLOATWARE (like Windows, yes!). Slow, memory hogging and ineffective as well as expensive, people use it because it came bundled with the PC. Otherwise people go for AVG or Avast! in the freeware category or Bitdefender, ESET NOD32 or TrendMicro.

If you ask me, no antivirus really works all the time because all the AVs are signature based (i.e. they rely on their manufacturers to feed information of new viruses). Don’t read to much into the companies’ claims of heuritics based detection (i.e. the detect new viruses based on malicious behaviours, whatever that means). Like car locks and anti-theft mechanism, none really works but at least you have some sort of protection. So my advice is get a good antivirus. One can really define good. To me, as long as the PC chugs along comfortably and your data is safe, consider your current antivirus as working and good, sort of.

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Popular Antiviruses Sorted Not According to Perfomance



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