Negotiating a tight corner

SERIOUS STUFF : One must be ready to negotiate sharp and perilous twists and turns in life anywhere, all the time

Dear Folks,

Please do excuse me for not being able to update the blog for awhile back and probably in the near future. I’m currently ‘negotiating a tight corner’ on a small muddy and bumpy road which traffic is heavy and on a underpowered vehicle. Hmm… pretty fancy for an analogy of things that are currently happening spinning (out of control) in my life.

Suffice to say that I have been praying to Allah the Almighty for some changes in my work life and things are falling into place bit by bit, alhamdulillah. In addition, I’m hoping and praying things would go as planned and most importantly turn out for the best, amin! So until then, expect some burnt rubber and ‘korner baring’ from yours truly as he resume his journey down this particular lane.


One response to “Negotiating a tight corner

  1. sorry for the bad news dude.. Hope that one fine day will be that day u’ve been awaiting for

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