Of people, durians and ants

durian_tree_in_malaysiaREACHEABLE : Life is quite similar to a durian tree

Dear folks,

It is becoming a nasty habit of mine to neglect things. One of the victims is this blog hehehe… virtual dusts covering the pages with the occassional spiderwebs hanging here and there.

The past few weeks have been a terrible roller coaster ride. I went up and down and up and down. The worse thing is the journey hasn’t end yet and I’m currently on a ‘downstream’ ride. Probably would continue to be so for the foreseeable future. In fact the future hasn’t been more hazier than the last time I was in Haikou. I know complaining and whining all my life won’t solve half of my problems or others. Yet you see some people trotting up and down giving the occasional pats on other’s backs saying “Hey c’mon, the world hasn’t end yet!”. I like to see these people say that when they fall flat on their faces in some muddy road effectively ruining their suit pressed sharply for an important meeting. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be there to give a good pat on their back just to remind him doomsday is probably not around the corner, yet.

I read and hear terrible lies told by some souped-up experts on life saying that luck isn’t the key factor to success in life. You make and plan success, according to one self-proclaimed billionaire motivational blah blah person. Well I suppose when you happened to fall flat on your face on some pot of gold, you can actually brag about the positive side of it, of which literally has no downside everywhere you look at it . There are limits to one’s endurance I’ll say. But that’s not the point. Life isn’t fair that’s for sure. But rest assured that Allah is Most Fair and Just to all. What God wants, He Decrees so and it will happen.

What makes it hard to swallow is when fortunate people seems to draw constant joy by bragging their success and poking fun at other’s misery. Announcing one’s good fortune at the most appropriate time is the LEAST these so-called successful people could do. Why not announce you’re gonna buy a new car, get a new haircut and go on a cruise vacation at some poor sod’s funeral service and adding that you’re up in fumes on which restaurant to dine tonight? Or do it with the most subtle way modern technology has to offer; SMS / MMS / IM them and annoy your poor acquaintances about your fabulous plans and great expectations of life every few minutes with constant reminders that


The fact that most successful people concentrate on their strengths rather than their weakness, up just a bit of their chances to be successful or at the very least, to APPEAR TO BE SUCCESSFUL. The bottom line is, no matter how hard ants work, they’ll die of either old age or from the fumes of a Baygon insecticide spray and never really be seen driving a spanking new car, bragging about vacations or some posh lifestyle in some uptown ville. I’ve seen lots of positively thinking, hard working, and using-their-strenghts-instead-of-their-weakness persons toiling day-in and day-out with pebbly bounty. But hey, you can see they are not complaining for the sole reason that they don’t have posers as friends pestering them about their happening lives.

ants_progrssion2_charactersSUCCESSFUL : Ants seen rearing to be ‘uptownly’

Some people will say that I’m just a sore loser because my life constantly sucks. Sticks and stone break my bones, words can go to the dictionary. I have my equal share of good fortune and grateful for it. Nonetheless, at some point of your life, being down in the dumps most of the time would have some negative effects on one’ worldview but I usually keep it to myself except when I’m constantly being barraged by bragging people.

I should say, life is a vast reservoir of opportunities. Yet similar to a tall durian tree where all the fruits are beyond your reach, most of these opportunities are way out of reach for a majority of us. Some might get lucky to stumble on durians that have dropped to the ground. A few managed to get ladders or are skillful enough to climb the tall durian tree. A select handful still, own short but plentiful durian trees. The most fortunate ones have some poor sod to climb up the tree and do all the dirty work. That’s life as how I see it and I’m not complaining about it. I’m part of the durian life and so is everybody.

Life is great, it’s just the people I can’t stand. Probably, that’s what the ants in my house thinks too especially after a round of Bygon spraying session. Hey, at least I’m not bragging, ok?


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