Counting the days…

Dear WordPress,

I just realized that mankind is moving at an ever increasing speed every single day. If we were a tiny ant or a bug or just a seed of a weed, we will see how fast people move. Rushing here, running there, speeding yon road and flying to the horizon. Essentially, does this mean mankind is achieving more than our ancestors have? Are we heading towards a greater tomorrow when in fact we are just stirring up dust, promoting chaos, disrupting nature and simply LLBing (Look Like Busy)?

Whilst we ponder on this notion, a Google search ( I still don’t get it when people still use Microsoft Live! Search which is terrible at its appointed task) quickly reveal a nifty site called The Amazing Days Alive Calculator by John and Abby Schoneboom. Go ahead and key in your birthday and it’ll dutifully as well as accurately calculate how long have you been alive. My results calculated today (24 April 2009) were :

This is day number 11,348 for people born on April 11, 1978 Your 10,000th day was August 26, 2005!

Your 15,000th day will be May 5, 2019!

Your 20,000th day will be January 11, 2033!

Your 25,000th day will be September 22, 2046!

Your 30,000th day will be June 4, 2060!

Your 35,000th day will be February 14, 2074!

Wow, looks like not only I passed my birthday under a mountain of useless administrative mumbo jumbo right there in the office, but so was my 10,000th day which is safe to assume I didn’t do anything special either for yours truly, or to benefit some other person, animal or plant or the whole mankind & universe for that matter. Nice huh? It really puts your perspective on the thousands of breaths of air you have gulped over the years into some kind of significance.

Anyway, whilst I’m at this subject (actually I wrote this thing on the 24th April but didn’t actually hit the publish key for some reason), the ever trusty again managed to make me wonder yet ever more. The site is called the Death Clock. Apparently, by giving some vagues details, the site arbritarily predicts your death date with the exact time. An added bonus is it also shows how much time left for you on earth before calling it a day. Oh, just be patient since the site loads very slow. Interestingly enough, the site thinks I’m going to die by the age of 74, whoa…!


Date to Remember : Accordingly, yours truly is predicted to bite the dust on the 21.1.2052. COOL!!!

On a more serious note and backed by some medical facts, log on to this another nifty website called Living to 100 Life Expentancy Calculator. Almost immediately, the officious name lend somewhat credibility to the ability of the site to predict your life expentancy by answering some important medical related questions. Don’t worry, it won’t be more than 5 minutes. 3 minutes and some to be exact hehehe. Quick & easy. Of course nobody’s sure of the result so it’s fun anyway you look at it. The site predicts I’m going to live up to the ripe years of 89…. major ancient artifact!!!


ADD MORE YEARS : The site also provide some advices on how to add more years to your life

Well of course you guys won’t believe also these predictions but these sites give you some glimpses of life expentancy based on our lifestyles and the norm of how people live their lives.  I guess everyone don’t want to die early or on time hehehe but as the saying goes, death is part of life. When we are fragile and crancky, I bet museums would charge us a premium just to exhibit us. I hope you guys enjoy these unsightly insights from me who just woke up from my sleepless slumber at 5.00 a.m. Inspiring piece of writing if I do say so myself hahaha… later guys!


4 responses to “Counting the days…

  1. cool dude!!! tp…cuak+insaf pon ada..heheh

  2. mmg cuak… bagus la kita sama2 insaf…

    Stages dlm kehidupan manusia ni :

    Stage 1 : Tahu (dalam kes ni cuak)
    Stage 2 : Paham (dalam kes ni Insaf)
    Stage 3 : Tindakan (dalam kes ini taubat hehehe)…

    Stage 1 – 2 senang je… ringan di mulut berat di hati…

    Stage 3 ni mcm bangun subuh la hehehe liatnya aku niii!!!

  3. salam ziarah, sambil cuba mengingat2 kisah lama.

  4. dh sedar skang..
    aku lom masuk stage 3 – taubat

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