SHOWTIME: Which of these lights are coming from your house?

Dear WordPress,

I felt tonite rather lethargic. The tones of books that I bought during the book fair suddenly lost its magic of words. Normally during this time, the world has ceased to exist to me in my book world. Whilst I drone out these words, the trusty tele is showing the 8 o’clock news but I couldn’t be bothered anyhow. I position myself and my laptop facing the open windows of my house. During the day, I could see from here the reddish logo of Jaya Jusco Balakong. Of course, using a pair of toy but effective binoculars would enhance the view a bit.

Now during the nite, I have my personal display of lights glittering from afar. Magnificently dazzling! Since I live in a low cost flat, enjoying the stars in the night may cause some unfounded concern amongst neighbours especially after seeing me trotting the roads with a binoculars looking up in the sky. Probably I would be branded as an ambitiously hopeful peeping tom looking for a few cheap thrills into yon nearby flats where young couple seems to dwell.

A big pity since my Benq camera is as usual out of its batteries. Acting in concert, my handphone’s batteries too is yelling for a recharge every 10 minutes and thereby rendering its moment capturing capabilities to an absolute nil. Sigh, it is a beautiful sight indeed. Just like the stars, these orangy and tangy(!) lights glitter and twinkle in the foreground regardless whether mankind appreciate the show or not. I could snap some pictures of this scene later on but once the so-called moment has left, all you have in the end is grainy and dimly-lit digitized look of the windows of my house. So I’ll pass.

Actually, I was always fascinated by the night time lights. From the numerous bedtimes lighting products exhibited at your friendly IKEA store to the moon shining in a dark and lonely night, the display of lights never cease to mesmerize me. During my secondary school days, I wasn’t exactly the social type of person often preferring to spend half of my nighttime in the classroom alone.

If boredom began to rear its ugly head, I would take a stroll in the 3rd floor of the school. Naturally the lights coming from houses surrounding the school kept me company and frequently left me wondering about the occupants in those houses whether they were happy or have they eaten or how did the day treat them and other not-so-important-but-nonetheless-amusing-but-probably-nosy questions. Of course cheeky thoughts like are they ahem-ahem right now are far from my thoughts. REALLY!

Truly, light shows in the night give me some sort of respite and amusement. I won’t recommend most people to commit into this umm hobby but the point is here; PAUSE AND REFLECT when you have time and ponder whether your existence today has been especially worthwhile to those surrounding you. Like the stars, life on this planet continues on with its preordained course with or without our participation or refusal thereof. Similarly with the on-going show by these terrestrially originating nightly lights, people every where are probably engrossed in some kind of activity. Probably the lights coming from a house 15 km from my home lay some poor soul crying due to some sad event in his / her life. The light could also come from a house where a happy family is enjoying the night together.

Whatever it is, these lights apart from providing some strange amusement to me, keep reminding me of the purpose of life on earth. Yes, you have the choice to stop or start living now. Of course saying it out is easy. Doing it is another matter altogether. But if even the worthless scum of society, the Mat Rempits are given a rebranding to Samseng Jalanan of sorts, then I should myself do the same. Rebranding myself I meant! The real fear among true men is not of dying but failure to start living a life.

But as the distant lights twinkle gorgeously, I rest my newly founded resolution to yet another day or night. Perhaps I should take that stroll on the 3rd level of my school one more time tonight. Then again, maybe some other time when I’m not too tired (smile).


3 responses to “HAVE YOU SEEN THE LIGHTS?

  1. allo bal…dun worry..kolostrum alpha lipid ada Lactobacillus Acidophilus yg bantu those allergic lactosa intolerant…so tht ko bole amek more lactose product.shud try!

  2. uik… promo product nampak? anyway, what is that u wanna rebrand urself into? mat lepak menadah dagu sambil tengok langit? or u wanna go for mat i dun havva life coz of u boss..

    i’d go for the 1st one though, coz the 2nd wud stick to u like u glue if u dun wash it off…!

  3. hahaha no promo here… just frens posting up stuff i guess…

    no rebranding yet…. actually aku skang ni tgh wat part time plumbing… setakat keje2 paip small stuff bole la…

    kalu nk soh seluk dlm lubang tandas smpi ke siku belum lg la hahaha

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