Dreaming away

Hiya folks,

Been long since I posted anything here. Actually I have several drafts in the making right here in WordPress’ draft widget but somehow I’ll let it mellow out a bit. You see I have been drenched with negative vibes for the past month or so. Hence anything I would have posted before this probably be something sarcastic or negative to say the least. Blogging it seems isn’t like some sort of private diary for yours truly eyes to see and read.

Bloggers everywhere have to respect their audience or at the very least be consistent with his / her choice of title for the blog. In line with this, I had therefore restrained myself from posting useless and pointless things on my blog. Of course when I mean useless it doesn’t have to be something intellectually inspiring or have some academic value. Perhaps a mere reference to life with dashes of positiveness (which will excuse the writer for posting the negative ones all the same) or a any other writing with absolute & complete disregard of distracting fantasies (such as Jom Heboh Kecoh style of posting where life appears to be all rosy for the writer with no regard for other people who might not feel so) is IMHO quite okay.

Playing with words or exercising your vocabulary is also a good reason to blog away regardless of gibberish content (note I use the word ‘gibberish’ and not Jom Heboh Kecoh Kepoh style of writing – 2 distinctly opposite things). One also could use the blogging tool to have some mental exercises in terms of analytical review of thing of cosmic proportion down to minuscule details of say the amount of dust one’s table has accumulate through the years.

Well so much for that short lecture on the proper usage of blogs from someone who rarely use it or much less browse blogs. Anyway that’s my 2 sen bit worth of blabbering quota for the week. And yes, somehow some may wonder (or may not for that matter) what’s with the title of the posting have to do with this writing? Apparently, blogging gives one the freedom of firing up the trusty browser and began typing feverishly without much idea on what to type. Feeling very much sadden by the state of EPI, I felt I had to write something on it.

Of course being a writer that is more often than not inspirationally driven, emotions forms the bulk of my idea and thinking process when it comes to blogging. So I ran the olde realplayer wipping up some old songs and googled some pictures for further inspirations and wala, the title Dreaming Away came up. These pictures are courtesy of their respective website owners as listed together with the pictures.

Yup, I would love another adventure climbing up the mountains and spending the night there slapping here and there in a desperate attempt at fending off pesky moquitoes. The propsect of setting up one’s camp with comfy camp fire under the jewelled nightsky is mouthwatering to say the least. The crackling of brittle dry wood burning up with flying red sparkles is certainly a welcome sight and companion through the lonely and often cold night out. The chirps of crickets and other assortments of forest rythm are priceless as I had the pleasure of experiencing it during my solo camp at Outward Bound School Lumut not more than a year before. Certainly was an adventure of a lifetime.

9X Media - 1280 - Dual Horizontal - mountains-clouds

Courtesy : http://maxreactor.com/3dImages/MultiMonitor/Gallery1/Gallery1.asp

mountain_over_clouds_1920x1440 (1)HEAVENLY : SUCH A SIGHT TO DREAM ABOUT
Courtesy : http://www.coolhdwallpapers.com/mountain_over_clouds-wallpapers


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