Going goo goo gaa gaa over Google Chrome


Dear folks,

I know most of you out there have experience using Google’s internet browser called Chrome. It’s one of Google freebie (but yet quality) offerings for netizens alike. Of course you heard that Google is also joining the Operating Systme (OS) fray against the giant Microsoft but I won’t comment on that. I just want to share my experience using Chrome.

Basically it’s written with C++ and Assembly programming languages. Arcane but quite solid and lean programming languages those are. Of course, for the average users such as I am, Chrome could be written in Chinese or Jewish or even Latin for all we care and still the  rule of thumb of practicality applies to us i.e. whether it works, is stable and good for everyday use or not. Under the hood, Chrome is using the Webkit engine which is open source. Now as our head began to swell with the jargon, the ever helpful google is here to help! What this means is the core of Chrome is run by Webkit. Think it as ummm yeah, the engine of the car (and hence the jargon engine).

Now what does this mean to you and me? Not much really. Some say it is open source and therefore free forever, some say it would be buggy since consistency of development is unassured of  and some say it will be there even if the company who propounds and develops it dies off. So much for that. In a nutshell, Webkit is just another software engine originating from Apple who to some are profound of developing solid working softwares.

Now before people accuse me of saying Chorme is freeware in the absolute terms, a quick look at Chrome’s TOS (Terms of Service) that although it is freeware (in the manner we all think it is), you may not reverse engineer / modify / tinker / change the software and in laymen terms, sell, lease, resell Chrome to others as it is provided freely to one and all in person (whether an employee is deemed a perosn or the Company as our Company Law states) to use and enjoy whatever services expressed in the TOS. Such lengthy gibberish I would say but nonetheless, for everyday or even casual or rare user will not run afoul of Chrome TOS rest assured as we use it to browse and enjoy the net as we usually do.

It was released as early as September the 2nd 2008 and designed to run under Windows XP. According to Wikipedia, Chrome gained a mere 1% market share something which is normal for an upstart and sort of rebel in nature company such Google to expect with its underdog alternative offering to the already monopolistic IE. Anyway, Microsoft as usual downplayed Google’s attempt in the browser war especially in light of its latest offering of IE8 (incidentally I have also installed it and used it for the same period of Chrome). According to Google, Chrome is introduced to specially addressed the new technologies in internet that were not in availability in its tender years such as video rendering capabilities, widgets and programming nifties. Hence, instead of using the patching approach, Chrome addressed these issues from the ground up.

Minimalist in appearance however Chrome may throw veterans of the net off using it. However, IMHO Chrome may have reeducate netizens on the practicality of the internet. Instead of adding toolbars and fat addons on it which at the end of the day, normal users with the current hype in internet technology may not need all those features; Chrome have incorporated the essentials with bonuses under its hood. At first, yours truly found it to be quite ackward using Chrome’s spartan interface but a few days in it, I began to love Chrome. I have come to let go off useless applications and browser addons and quickly get things done the way Internet is currently designed and based on my needs of course.

The true strenght of Chrome for the average users is the lightning speed of Chrome in displaying websites thanks to its Dynamic Name Service (DNS) prefetching capabilities (useful in looking up websites) as well as its V8 Javascript Engine. All in all, Chrome managed to outperformed the ringing king Mozilla Firefox 3.o, Safari, IE7 and IE8, in some javascript rending capabilities up to twice as fast as Firefox. A major feat indeed! Another plus is Chrome is as stable as any web browser out there since stability of a browser is somewhat dependent on the website’s programming codes.

Of course, Chrome is not without its fault. Although according to Google, every attempt has been made to adhere to the standards of the internet but rarely are the websites made are in accordance thereof and owners prefer sometimes using propriety ones to suit their needs. Hey, its a free internet by the way. Therefore, yours truly has experience numerous hiccups ranging from the gentle ones right to the awfully choking incidences with Chrome. So saying goodbye to your favourite browsers and chucking it in the recycle bin is a no-no for now. Unfortunately, the net has slowly evolve to a more proprietry setup and it’s up to users to decide which technology to use in order to seek one’s particular enjoyment of the internet which may not suit others.

Bottomline, try using Chrome for everyday stuff such as reading newspapers and blogs. Personally, when in a dynamic and interactive environment such as login propriety internet services (banks, government systems etc) I would advice using your old browsers as apparently Chrome still suffers from chronic hiccups there. Last but not least, enjoy Chrome. It’s fast and practical!


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