Pikom PC Fair II

Howdy folks!

Great nus for those of us who missed the last Pikom PC Fair. Beginning today (31/7/2009) until Sunday (2/8/2009) Pikom is organizing PC Fair right here at KLCC (again)! So for bargain hunters alike, you better make yourselves available and head off there with a small bagpack (to carry your stuff) and probably a water bottle (hehehe you can get mighty thirsty nowadays).

Opening hours are from 11am – 9.00 pm. Here’s the link to the website.

In addition for a smoother experience, here’s a map of available carparks. And please spare your children (and others) from being there. Isn’t actually proper for some serius family outing as it would crowded, huge as well as one-way-street affair where once you ‘check-in’, it won’t be easy to ‘check-out’ until you reach the end of the ‘tunnel’ of exhibitions!

I wonder why the 2 august is ended with a question mark???

See you folks there!


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