I wrote in response of my friend’s current predicament at his bloggie. Looks like he is in some turbulent times at this point of his life. Well I guess so is everybody else. To me for instance, when facing with a problem, the size or magnitude thereof doesn’t really matter much. What makes a problem significant lies exactly on the poor person ability to handle it. Hence, A and B may face the same snag but what differentiate between the two is how both of them take care of it.

A being resourceful and motivated may shrug the problem off as being a temporary setback whilst B being down in the dumps probably would think it as the end of the world. The same goes for sacrifices, whether is it meagre or of saintly proportions, its significance lies nonetheless on the ‘sacrifier’ so to speak. To illustrate this point, A being a billionaire, managed to cough up RM10,000 in cash for the Gaza Foundation whereas B being just an average 9-5 office worker gave RM100. Now comparing simply based on volume right here is just that, it’s a matter of volume. Whether such sacrifices are worthy noted as of heavenly deeds are a different question altogether.

Whatever it is, I give out my sympathies to Isz and my prayers are with ye. May Allah guide us or lest we are led astray as would blindmen without aiding appartus. Here is a short poem I wrote on Isz Bloggie hoping it worth some sort of help if not lending out dignity to the termoils of normal people like you and I;


BLUEPRINT : Life and plans are inseperetable entities strangely entwined yet seldom work together


Mankind are fond of making it;
Life however tends to change it;
Rarely do plans turn out the way we want it;
Eventually we all plan for the sake of it.

Oh how I wish it was easy,
Yon roads are winding and greasy,
It doesn’t matter big or measly,
Thinking of the future makes me queasy.

Life is an uncertainty,
It’s either spartan or full of nitty gritty,
Face it down or just be feisty,
Certainly for most, life never is pretty!

Good luck bronk. I may yet follow you next!


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