Unable to comment?

Dear friends,

My favourite blogger Madam Martinelli told me that she often commented on my blog but alas akismet (wordpress.com spam filter) is operating on overzealous mode and hence disabling any of her comments condeming it to the Comments Oblivion / Abyss. I tried tinkering the comments settings on wordpress.com but unfortunately I am given little chance of customizing it. Akismet on wordpress.com is running automaticallyit seems  and currently on a warpath destroying friendly comments as well as hostile ones.

However, I noticed those who have commented on my blogs obviously have no problem. I once have problems commeting on IIUM Staff Blogs which automatically anihilate my comments. But a quick tinkering by Mr. Aboo enabled me not only to comment on his blog but also all other IIUM Staff Blogs. So I’m at wits end as to what is causing this bug as to Madam’s attempts at commenting on my blog.

To Madam, if you’re willing, just throw a short sentence as a comments on any posting so I can gauge my tinkering to be effective or not. The last resort would be asking you Madam to register a WordPress.com account and thereby enabling you as a contributor on my blog… sheesh and I thought commenting was easy! To others who have problems, you can email me your comments at tuanwujian@yahoo.com.

As a matter of Good Blogging Practices (GBP – similar like Good Agricultural Practices [GAP]), before pushing the ‘submit your comment’ button, I would suggest you select all of your comments and copy it to a MS Word or notepad. Then if some filtering system or a network problem snags your comment, you still have your valuable comments with you. Send it as an email attachment or just copy and email it to the author. I will definitely post it.

Until then, happy blogging!


One response to “Unable to comment?

  1. testing…
    i dont see mr akismet here!

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