Ramadhan 2009 Wishlist


SOMEDAY : I would like to go to Hajj early in life before all these limbs give way to age & use

Dear WordPress,

According to JAKIM’s website the 1st Ramadhan will be arriving on our Malaysian shores (I don’t know why I write like this since Ramadhan isn’t like some illegal aliens landing on yon dark secluded beaches hehehe) come 22nd August 2009 which will be a splendid Saturday!!! Excellent! Apart from nasty devils being tied up, Ramadhan will bring back somewhat bitter sweet memories of yesteryears. The usuals would be the tarawikh prayers and the sahur; both are exotic and unique to the month of Ramadhan. Indeed, you can fast almost a year but couldn’t quite get the atmosphere and spirit of this holy month.

Alas, Ramadhan could be better celebrated in Malaysia in my humble opinion (as would other things in life). That’s why before Ramadhan is somehow spoilt by the usual Raya festivities, I do declare the following the official but not final EPI Ramadhan 2009 Wishlist to be made public and hopefully bring about some sort of difference to the Malaysian Ramadhan atmosphere. Here it goes;

Yes, for the record, my local pasar malam site has already finished allocating Ramadhan bazaar spots to hawkers and entreprenuers alike some 2 weeks ago! It isn’t I am against people doing business but what is actually Ramadhan all about? Is it stuffing yourself like a turkey until you are bloated up? Or savouring delicacies right up to licking your plates? Come on, fasting here doesn’t mean going away with food for 365 days. A mere 14 hours and some change without food is nothing to shout about. I won’t cliche’ but I know everyone is well aware of people who are in constant hunger and when chow time comes, a meagre watery rice porridge is all they get. And these are the lucky few. And I won’t go about wastage of all these foods which look and smell great but when you put in your mouth, suddenly you realised you been had by your hawker thanks to gluttony & greediness! On this Holy Month, use this tag ” LET’S CARE, LET’S SHARE!”


LESS IS MORE : At the End of The Day, It’s the Thought That Counts

What I mean is please for God’s sake, spare the people of the constant blaring of Raya music all over town and on television and radio too. As far as I’m concerned, all these Raya festivities are for kids. For us adults, I think you all know better than going on a shopping beserk in town and paying dearly a few months after to your credit card companies. Worse, these people would shout out loud (and probably go on to the streets) demanding the government to fork up the bills by giving raises (nice!).


SHOPPING :Alternative Avenue for the Less Fortunate

This is one is for me. I pray to God that I’m given the strenght and opportunity to perform tarawikh fully until the very end of Ramadhan. It has been a long time since my boarding school days I have achieved full attendance.

OPPORTUNITY : You won’t get this type of atmosphere even during Friday congregational Prayers!

The bane of office workers is the tendency that management tend to throw a berbuka puasa event or two which is compulsory for them to attend. Not only it would be not without an air of protocol (dress code for e.g.), these people would also end up discussing about the office instead of concentrating the night for a measly 20 rakaat of tarawikh. Food as usual will be a major leftover disaster giving mother earth further stress in coping with mankind’s insatiable appetite for enormous amount of foods.


IN SILENCE : A Moment of Peace With The Creator

Ironically, most Muslim office workers would exhibit a certain degree of lethargic in carrying out their duties deskbound or otherwise. Whilst it may come from waking up in the wee hours for sahur, I should hope we all can potray a better image of workers by nudging away the call for cat naps and instead greedily gulp down every possible chance of pahala. Working whilst under such groggy feeling and being patience at that certainly offer bounties worth pursuing for. And please, don’t use our Zohor and ‘Asr prayers times for catching up your 40 winks. Insya Allah, the rewards are most bountiful if we just thread on for Allah’s Sake. As far as UIA is concerned, the workers there are much blessed with their lunch time  done away with in substitute of work. Hence they have a chance of going home early at 4.30 p.m. How lucky!

STRIVING AS USUAL : Work as though you will be living a 100 years more & pray as though you will die today

Well, so much for my wish list. In the meantime, I’m just looking forward to this coming Ramadhan. Indeed it is a month of blessings. Last year’s Ramadhan for instance, saw our bosses left the office slightly over 5.30 p.m. everyday instead of 9.00 p.m. and up and thus freeing us normal wage slaves earlier from the office! Hopefully our would do the same this year around! Until I’m worthy of experiencing the Lailatul Qadar, I’m hoping these 5 wishes will come true at least this year. So mark your calendars for 22nd August guys and may the best men / women get the most of this Ramadhan’s blessings!

p/s – Another wish I like to add to my list is that I really hope I can experience another Ramadhan al-Mubarak come 2010. That is certainly something to ask for!


2 responses to “Ramadhan 2009 Wishlist

  1. It is a month of celebrating the Ummah, and our religion,in a way, so uniquely Islamic is this month.
    Ramazan Mubarak, in advance

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