Decisions in a hard time


STINKER : Making a decision is hard enough already without the addition of say, urgency factors

Dear WordPress,

I never did master the art of decision making. I know, the internet itself contains volumous of information, tips and tricks on doing just that. The problem of the internet revolution is that you’re bound to face an information overload. Previously, information is hard to come by on any subject and a week’s worth of camping in the library usually yields out some glimpse of material for your essay needs. The rest of it, most of the time are taken care by people with script writing, lore ‘bard’ing and poison-pen authoring skills. Now with the advent of internet, a simple google search unveals plentiful things calling itself as information.

Now before mankind’s brain can begin to sigh a relief, its work is definitely cut out by the internet. Instead of analyzing the material found, the brain now is constantly on overdrive mode trying feverishly to sort out relevant information from that of the junk. An avalance of needless nitty gritty is what the internet has gifted to today’s generation. The poor Gen-X people whilst some of them are still struggling at the concept of facebooking (I’m one of them – too many social networking sites for my 386 system to handle!), now most of them have to confront citations upon citations of information by today’s young ‘uns which are shoving it to us by the hundreds of megabytes per second.

Logically, with the vast availability of information, one could then make decisions easier or at least to the extend of arriving to an ‘informed decision’. But the fear of the unknown is too much as demonstrated by the fact that the more we know, the more we realise that there is more to it than meets the eye! Vis-a-vis the cavemen years, I’d say mankind today has complicated matters even further. It’s an ironic twist that has continously marked man’s actions on earth. Despite whatever good intentions man has in mind, the futility in our action for example to save the environment can be summed as digging up a hole to cover another one (gali lubang untuk tutup lubang).

Here’s a scenario:
1. The booming world population is putting on enormous stress on fresh water resources.
2. Mankind now is turning to the ocean for consumable water.
3. However, extracting water from the ocean requires similarly enormous amount of energy.
4. Energy from fossil matter such as coal and diesel are expensive, thus man turns to hydro-electricity based power options.
5. Harnessing hyro-electric depends on man constructing dams.
6. Constructing dams on the other hands in effect limits the flow of river (fresh water) for other uses since it must be ‘dam up’ to effectively turn the turbine which produce electricity.
7. Instead of allevating the original problem of depletion of fresh water resources, mankind now has stressed it even further!
8. Now I won’t go to a scenario where mankind tried to figure out how to produce more power to sustain the population’s endless demand of electricity! (Hint: it has something to do with water also even if you don’t use the hydro-electric option!!!)

In summary, decision making TODAY  :
i. is a chicken & egg solution / scenario;
ii. most of the time leads us back to the drawing board if not compounding the problem;
iii. is complicated by the overwhelming stuff disguised as information.

At least the above cartoon has solved the chicken & egg solution for now!


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