How Are You Today?

weekendBLISSFUL : After a rough week, the weekends are truly a respite and Godsend indeed

Dear WordPress,

Yes the topic is borderline to copyright infringement since it’s a tagline for a t-shirt I saw once with multiple faces of expression according to moods. So much for that. Anyway, yesterday as I was counting seconds to clock off, I just wondered off thinking of appropriate names for my days in a week based on my life in the office. The following descriptions of the days in a week came up :

Oh No! It’s FRANTIC FRIDAY! – It’s the end of the week but alas everything must be done by today before the weekends.

Thank God today is SPLENDID SATURDAY! The Weekend’s here again!

Ah SUPER SUNDAY really relax you out with cartoons and cartoons on the tele!

Great! The dreaded MURDEROUS MONDAY where everything is NOW NOW NOW!

TOOTHACHE TUESDAY is just like that, a nagging awful pain all day long.

Although somewhat calm, there’s an eerie feeling of impending doom on WEIRD WEDNESDAY.

TERRIBLE THURSDAY usually is a mixed of last minute things to do with the almost confirmed late clock out.

And the cycle continues!


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