Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un

UPDATED 15.8.2009 :-
Thanks to Abg Aboo, I was able to read this account narrated by a close friend of arwah some 18 hours before his death. Read Br. Junaidi’s Bloggie

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On the 13 August 2009 around 11 a.m. Ustaz Asri Ibrahim from the famed nasyid group Rabbani peacefully passed away to God’s Mercy at the Pantai Medical Centre, in Bangsar due to a heart attack. Bronko Tok Ijal told me this yesterday but alas I was too busy to do some research on the news and post a tribute to him. This morning, I felt rather tired and went to the office quite late. Whilst I gather my strength to go to work, I watched MHI interviewed one of Rabbani’s team mate, a Mr. Azadan reiterated what had transpired yesterday right before Ustaz Asri died.

Image017AT PEACE : The Late Ustaz Asri Ibrahim

According to him, that morning the group was supposed to hold a press conference at RTM. The usual procedure for the group was to gather at their office by 8 a.m. and moved on. However arwah wasn’t feeling well because of gastritis. He had vomited several times that morning. The group however wasn’t alarmed since Ustaz is known to suffer from the ailment for some time.  Only by 9 a.m. did arwah managed to arrive. On the way, the group bought arwah some milk for him to drink. Arriving at RTM, Ustaz Asri felt better soon after and was in a jovial mood although signs of him being tired was quite apparent to the group members.

When the group was about to proceed with the PC, Ustaz suddenly fainted. The group quickly tried to to help him. An ambulance was immediately called but the group decided time to send him to the hospital since the ambulance was still on the way. He was pronounced dead after PMC doctors tried in vain to revive him for 30 minutes. According to Mr. Azadan, just only a day before, Ustaz has asked all of them to gather at the office for their usual group discussion / usrah / tazkirah session.

Ustaz said that the group must sit together once and reflect on things before the coming of Ramadhan since the group will be then busy with performance. Arwah went on to give some tazkirah to the group on these things :
i. to further improve their ibadah each and everyone of them, AND
ii. although the group has achieved fame, they all must work even harder to spread the word through nasyid.

I wasn’t much of a big fan of arwah’s but I do enjoy the group’s unorthodox approach in nasyid especially their catchy video clips. Always smiling away, Ustaz Asri was also a prominent preacher in his free time. During the MHI slot, a video clip of what happened yesterday at RTM was shown. Ustaz Asri was then already looking pale. The clip also showed the group whisking him away to the van before rushing him to PMC. Of course, this piece of news was even aired during last night’s bulletin utama but I missed it.

A quick Google search of Ustaz Asri’s death revealed several websites dedicated to nasyid and artists as well as blogs posting the news. However, as expected, his death wasn’t quite newsworthy for mainstream sites / news portals. After all, that wasn’t his primary objective and struggle in life. I could well imagine if say, a mainstream / contemporary artist dies, the whole internet, news portal and mainstream medias will be abuzz and in a frenzy with such news. Countless (and most irrelevant) interviews will be done on men on the street as well as numerous artists, popular (or otherwise). The world suddenly be couched into believing it has lost something of value and certainly irreplaceable. But of course, everyday Jom Heboh Kecoh type of people will denounce my statement as just being sarcastic and negative.

As I search the internet realm for news bites on arwah, I stumbled upon Ustaz Amin’s blog, one of Malaysia’s prominent preachers. He was fortunate enough to be able to pay his last respects to arwah. Ustaz Amin reiterated what happened yesterday in his blog and bore witness of what the Quran terms as “nafsul mutmainah” or the peaceful and blessed soul in Surah Al-Fajr ayat 17-30;

يَا أَيَّتُهَا النَّفْسُ الْمُطْمَئِنَّةُ. ارْجِعِي إِلَى رَبِّكِ رَاضِيَةً مَّرْضِيَّةً. فَادْخُلِي فِي عِبَادِي. وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي

“Hai jiwa yang tenang. Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan hati yang puas lagi diridhai-Nya. Maka masuklah ke dalam jama’ah hamba-hamba-Ku, dan masuklah ke dalam syurga-Ku”.

Ustaz Amin saw a smile on arwah’s calm face. Read more here as Ustaz Amin pays his tribute to arwah. There are some pictures on what had happened yesterdays as people gathered at his house in Shah Alam. I also did a search for Rabbani’s song “Pergi Tak Kembali” lyrics. I think it is most thought provoking for us all that are still drawing breath until today:

Pergi Tak Kembali
Album :
Munsyid : Rabbani
Setiap insan pastikan merasa
Saat perpisahan terakhir
Dunia yang fana akan ditinggalkan
Hanya amalan yang akan dibawa

Terdengar sayup surah dibaca
Sayu alunan suara
Cemas di dada lemah tak bermaya
Terbuka hijap di depan mata

Selamat tinggal pada semua
Berpisah kita selamanya
Kita tak sama nasib di sana
Baiklah atau sebaliknya

Amalan dan taqwa jadi bekalan
Sejahtera, bahagia pulang…kesana

Sekujur badan berselimut putih
Rebah bersemadi sendiri
Mengharap kasih anak dan isteri
Apa mungkin pahala dikirim

Terbaring sempit seluas pusara
Soal bicara terus bermula
Sesal dan insaf tak berguna lagi
Hancurlah jasad dimamah bumi

Berpisah sudah segalanya
Yang tinggal hanyalah kanangan
Diiringi doa dan air mata
Yang pergi takkan kembali lagi

Ustaz Asri, I believe thou hast certainly justified thine moment and time on earth. Whilst most of us mortals continue on our worldly pursuits, ye indeed has steadfastly struggle for a cause worthy of mentioning if not by those on earth, then by angels in yon heavens.

I gathered the following news articles and posted below :-



Asri of Rabbani dies (updated)


Faridul Anwar Farinordin

KUALA LUMPUR: The leader of popular nasyid group Rabbani, Asri Ibrahim, passed away at Pantai Medical Centre at 11am this morning. Asri, 40, who was also Rabbani’s lead singer, collapsed following a heart attack during a press conference for RTM’s programme Syahadah at Angkasapuri. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A post-morterm which was initially scheduled to be held at University Hospital to determine the cause of death, however, was not carried out at the request of his widow Haliza Shahadan, 39, who wanted the body to be immediately buried. Asri’s body was prepared for burial at the hospital before taken to his house at Kampung Bukit Lanchong in Shah Alam for special prayers to be performed. He was laid to rest at the Muslim Cemetery in Section 21 after Maghrib prayers.

Asri, also a renowned motivational speaker in schools and universities, is survived by Haliza and six children — Mohd Nasimudin, 15, Mohd Fathi, 14, Nur Atikah, 12, Mohd Ilhan, 10, Sufiyah Munawarah, six, dan Hamdi Rabbani, four. Born on Aug 3, 1969 in Klang, Selangor, Asri was his usual jovial self at a Press conference two days earlier at Singgahsana Hotel in Petaling Jaya to announce the group’s activities at the venue during Ramadan, its 18th year so far. The programme would have Asri leading the terawih prayers for guests after buka puasa, followed by performances of religious songs by the group.

At the event, Asri recalled a funny story about his earlier performance there. “I was still in school when I first sang at Hotel Singgahsana, with a different nasyid outfit. I had no prior experience so I turned out at the show clad in sarong and flip flops!” he said with a laugh. The singer and songwriter of the group, who wrote the popular track Pergi Tak Kembali with KRU, is also known for his commitment to the group.

“I will never sing solo. I will never sing without my group members”, he said, adding that when he received offers to speak at an event, he “will make sure that it doesn’t clash with the group’s performing or rehearsing schedules.” With his nasyid group Rabbani, formed in 1997, Asri has been at the forefront in popularising nasyid genre in the country by introducing a new sound which incorporates modern beats. The group comprises Mohd. Asri Baidul @ Ubaidullah, Azadan Abdul Aziz, Mohamad Afandi Shahbudin, Ahmad Shafie, Muhammad Luqman Abd Aziz, Muhammad Rithauddeen Yaakob, Mohamad Afandi Shahbudin, Ahmad Shafie, Zulkiflee Azman and Nazrul Azhar Tamrin.

Rabbani has released 17 albums and won numerous awards for its inspirational music and songs that praise the Glory of God. Among others, it won Best Nasyid Group at Berita Harian’s Anugerah Bintang Popular from 2001 to 2007. Among the albums are Pergi Tak Kembali (1999), Intifada (2000), Yalla Beena (2004). The group is slated to record its latest studio album after Hari Raya. This is to be followed by a tour in Kelantan as part of its successful Konsert Antara Dua Alam concert series.


Ketua kumpulan Rabbani, Asri meninggal dunia

KUALA LUMPUR: Ketua kumpulan nasyid Rabbani, Asri Ibrahim, 40, meninggal dunia di Hospital Pantai, di sini, kira-kira jam 11 pagi tadi kerana sakit jantung.

Allahyarham yang juga penyanyi utama kumpulan itu dilaporkan pengsan ketika mengendalikan program Syahadah musim kelima di Angkasapuri, sebelum dikejarkan ke hospital berkenaan.

Asri Ibrahim / Rabani
USTAZ Asri Ibrahim, ketua kumpulan nasyid Rabani yang rebah sewaktu sidang akhbar Rancangan Syuhada di Angkasapuri RTM dibawa ke Pantai Medical Centre sebelum disahkan meninggal dunia pada jam 11 pagi tadi. – Foto ikhsan RTM

3. mSTAR Online

Jenazah Ustaz Asri Rabbani selamat dikebumikan


Jenazah Ustaz Asri akan dikebumikan selepas Maghrib hari ini di Tanah Perkuburan Islam, Seksyen 21, Shah Alam. -foto The Star oleh AZMAN GHANI

SHAH ALAM: Jenazah Ustaz Asri telah selamat dikebumikan pada jam 9.00 malam ini di Tanah Perkuburan Islam, Seksyen 21. Sebelum itu, jenazah telah dibawa ke rumahnya di Jalan Ikan Keli, Kampung Bukit Lanchong, di sini. Vokalis kumpulan nasyid Rabbani, Ustaz Mohd Asri Ibrahim, 40, disahkan meninggal dunia kira-kira pukul 10.30 pagi tadi akibat serangan jantung ketika dalam perjalanan ke Hospital Pantai, Bangsar.

Antara rakan-rakan dan kaum keluarga yang hadir bagi memberikan penghormatan terakhir kepada arwah Asri.

Menurut salah seorang anggota Rabbani, Mohd. Asri Baidul @ Ubaidullah, arwah jatuh pengsan semasa raptai dalam sidang media program ‘Syahadah’ di Angkasapuri, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) kira-kira pukul 10 pagi tadi. Balu arwah, Haliza Shahadan hadir di hospital beserta dengan beberapa rakan artis seperti penyanyi Nash, Yasin Sulaiman dan Mas Omar.

Suasana sedih menyelubungi rumah arwah di Kampung Bukit Lanchong, Shah Alam.

Selain itu, lebih 100 orang melibatkan rakan terdekat dan ahli keluarga arwah turut hadir bagi memberikan penghormatan terakhir kepada arwah. Dua hari lalu, Asri bersama anggota Rabbani yang lain menghadiri majlis sidang media dan memeterai satu lagi perjanjian kerjasama bersama Hotel Singgahsana untuk terus membuat persembahan di hotel tersebut sepanjang bulan ramadan yang bakal tiba nanti. Rabbani akan mengadakan persembahan sepanjang ramadan di Hotel Singgahsana sambil menghiburkan para pengunjung yang hadir serta menikmati hidangan yang bertemakan ‘Citarasa Ramadan 1 Malaysia’ bermula 1 Ramadan nanti.

Rabbani telah bekerjasama dengan Hotel Singgahsana selama 18 tahun dan sejak itu Rabbani telah menghiburkan para pengunjung hotel tersebut yang datang untuk berbuka puasa dengan persembahan ‘live’ mereka. Dalam sidang media itu, Asri berkata mengadakan persembahan di Hotel Singgahsana merupakan satu ibadah bagi dirinya. “Saya rasa ibadah puasa saya tidak lengkap jika tidak mengadakan persembahan di hotel ini. Orang kata bulan puasa kalau boleh kurangkan bekerja, banyakkan ibadah, tetapi pada saya ini merupakan ibadah saya,” katanya.

Asri dilahirkan pada 3 Ogos 1969 di Klang, Selangor. Selain seorang balu, Haliza, 38, arwah turut meninggalkan enam orang anak iaitu Mohd Nasimudin, 15, Mohd Fathi, 14, Nur Atikah, 12, Mohd Ilhan, 10, Sufiyah Munawarah, 6, dan Hamdi Rabbani, 4. Asri menyertai kumpulan nasyid terkenal itu sejak ia ditubuhkan secara rasmi pada 1 Mac 1997 dengan dianggotai oleh sembilan orang termasuknya. Sebelum Rabbani, kumpulan itu dikenali sebagai Nada Murni yang ditubuhkan sekitar tahun 80-an. Asri juga pernah menyanyi secara duet dengan beberapa penyanyi terkenal seperti Mawi menerusi lagu ‘Saksi’ dan ‘Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur’ nyanyian bersama Amy Search.

Kehilangan Asri kini bermakna hilanglah tunjang Rabbani memandangkan arwah banyak menyumbangkan kemajuan prestasi sekaligus memberikan kejayaan kepada Rabbani dan industri muzik nasyid. Atas kejayaan itu, maka tidak hairanlah jika Rabbani dijulang sebagai Penyanyi/Artis Nasyid Popular di Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABP) selama lapan tahun berturut-turut. Tidak kurang juga anugerah yang dicapai di Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) seperti Album Nasyid Terbaik 2001 (Iqrar – 1421), Vokal Berkumpulan Terbaik Dalam Album 2001 (Iqrar-1421), Album Terbaik 2001 (Iqrar-1421), Album Nasyid Terbaik 2002 (Intifada), Album Nasyid Terbaik 2003 (Qiblat) serta Album Nasyid Terbaik 2009 (Nostalgia Nada Murni) dan Lagu Nasyid Terbaik 2009 (Bila Nur Melimpah Di Hati).

Revolusi muzik nasyid yang dilalui Rabbani selama berjuang dalam industri hiburan seringkali mencetus pelbagai perdebatan. Ada yang berpendapat, lagu-lagu nasyid nyanyian Rabbani tersasar daripada landasan muzik nasyid yang sedia ada. Sebelum ini, kumpulan ini pernah merakamkan lagu Pergi Tak Kembali ciptaan KRU berteraskan genre pop yang mendakwa Rabbani seperti meminggirkan objektif utama lagu nasyid.

Antara anggota kumpulan Raihan yang hadir melawat jenazah Asri.

Namun,kemunculan Rabbani yang turut dianggotai oleh Mohd. Asri Baidul @ Ubaidullah, Azadan Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Luqman Abd Aziz, Muhammad Rithauddeen Yaakob, Mohamad Afandi Shahbudin, Ahmad Shafie, Nazrul Azhar Tamrin dan Zulkiflee Azman ini tampil dengan konsep yang tersendiri. Dalam tempoh lebih 12 tahun berada dalam industri ini, Rabbani telah menghasilkan 19 buah album seperti ‘ARAH Dari Mana… Ke Mana…’ (1997), ‘Pergi Tak Kembali’ (1999), ‘Intifada’ (2000), ‘Yalla Beena’ (2004) dan yang terbaru, ‘Nostalgia Nada Murni’.

Bermula dengan berkonsepkan nasyid klasik, melalui irama-irama yang dipetik dari Timur Tengah, Afrika dan Andalusia, kemudian diadun dan diolah mengikut citarasa yang sesuai dengan era yang terkini.  Juga dipersembahkan bersesuaian dengan citarasa remaja. Disamping itu ditampilkan dengan adunan muzik ala melayu timur dan digabungkan dengan adunan muzik timur tengah.  Dan kini Rabbani muncul pula dengan konsep yang lebih global dalam bidang muzik tanpa mengurangkan kualiti mesej yang akan disampaikan dengan menampilkan world music didalam lagu-lagu terbarunya.

Ini adalah untuk menjadikan irama nasyid ini akan terus segar dari semasa ke semasa dan terus diminati oleh semua golongan tanpa mengira had bangsa dan negara.  Bagaimanapun dalam menyampaikan irama nasyid ini mesej adalah yang paling utama sekali dengan berpersepsikan bentuk nasihat, dakwah dan panduan. Sekurang-kurangnya sedikit demi sedikit pendidikan secara tidak langsung itu berjaya masuk ke ruang fikiran sambil berhibur. Lantaran itu juga boleh mendorong sikap kita ke arah kebaikan.


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