Assessing one’s self before Ramadhan

Dear WordPress,

One great thing about blogging is that if you properly document things / thoughts and the lot of interest or value, your blog would serve as a benchmark or records of your life’s happenings. As Madam Martinelli wrote urging her readers to assess one’s self right before the coming of Ramadhan, I remember somewhere I posted some observations on my Ramadhan experience. I remembered it was on of my favourite blog hosted by

Yes, looks like yours truly is about to drift yet again down to memory lane. It was written in 2006 when I was working somewhere in Sungai Besi / Seri Kembangan area. It was govermentish work on a contractual basis. Didn’t last long since I got a permanent job well after 6 months working there in the office’s cold air-conditioned setting. One thing I love about that office is that :

i.    the internet connection was superb;
ii.   it has a corporatish outlook for its office settings although it was a government gig;
iii.  it was close to being my second home; and
iv.  a nearby sleepy hollow Malay town exists complete with old fashion shop houses and eateries.

However, the same couldn’t be said for my Ramadhan experience. It was bit of a trying time for me there for reasons best known to me and God only. It could have been better but alas it was in actual fact, wasn’t destined to be so. Anyway, as Ramadhan 2009 is about to loom and flourish its gifts of spiritual blessings and hope, I am desperately rearranging my life schedules and my personal world view so as be in tune to Ramadhan accordingly. Needless to say, I am praying for some divine assistance as far as spiritual strength and will are concerned for me to excel in Ramadhan.

On that note, I should think that it would not be a wrong for us to make some sort of resolution. You see the practice of making a New Year’s Resolution in Malaysia has some what mutated from something of noble intention and origin to a mere lowly fashion / trend statement especially expounded by so-called artists and wannabes alike. A NY resolution is in fact enshrined in Islam albeit not exactly word by word but within the same wavelength. Assessing oneself, identifying weakness and faults, then vowing to change and obviously endeavouring to change as well as being consistent with it are all salient characteristics of the now already trendy new year resolutions.

Although Ramadhan isn’t by far a new year by itself even by Islamic calender standards, but it signifies a collective effort by Muslims all over the world to change and improve oneself. Such effort (fasting and the complete observance of Islamic teaching) is Divinely acknowledged as well as enjoined and thus is by no means a mere seasonal affair. It is in fact a landmark stepping stone of gargantuan proportions towards a greater self-acknowledgment of one’s position in the view of the Almighty. After all, there is no guarantee that one will actually live to see the then next Ramadhan of 2010 much less of the 1st Ramadhan 2009. It’s best therefore we all take every chance we have to the fullest.

Below is a carbon copy of my posting in friendster’s blog.

“Yes, yes I know… it’s almost… I dont know… longish is by far a modest estimate of how long I havent updated this bloggie of mine. In fact, I’m struggling right now with, yes you guessed it right the first hundredth time.. WORK COMMITMENTS.

But I dragged my feet to write something in English coz you see my English command as per oral is flundering and became from poor to pathetic. From the ocassional ‘umm’s and ‘ahh’s to complete silence for 3-4 seconds while I wreck my brains for the correct word. So you, although blogging has become quite a chore for me, it has come down to compulsory since I need to practice using it.



Anyway, Ramadhan has reached today the 16th day. That means we all have another 14 days before it draws its curtains down. Hmm… let’s see how much have I benefit from it… (pausing the most for 2 seconds) yup, sadly not much. That’s pretty lame but what can I say, I have work commitments that’s extremely tight for me to manouvere for some time off during the nights. But I’m not complaining though… since work is also amanah and I hope it’s counted as ibadah.

Right here in my office, I slave through the wee mornings in front of an Unca Dell (alright!) wif the usual feast of lagu raya in the background churning out from the pair of black harmon/kardon desktop speakers. Certainly not a bad setup! Especially after that 256 megs of RAM upgrade.

Buka puasa here is the normal fare for me. Ranging from wholemeal bread (I can’t find Gardenia nowadays – maybe coz of the preservative issue?) wif a mug of Alicafe Tongkat Ali. Sometimes it’s a can of sardine wif it. On days I have friends to buka puasa with, the local pasar Ramadhan right here serves a hearty selection of Malay specialities – my fav ikan talapia bakar yum yum!

Oh, dont get me wrong, I’m not on a budget, it’s just a hassle to go to the pasar ramadhan wif the frenzy of people gawking, hussling and buying food and drinks for berbuka. Since working here, I’m steadily losing appetite for makan2. Anything or nothing is just the same meal-wise.

Talk about buka puasa, look at the pics below… I wonder… (insaflah wahai eeqbalz!)









I missed going to the mosque for tarawikh. Back when I was in Form 4 – 5 days, I would go to different mosques at home for tarawikh. There were the express ones (20 rakaat of tarawikh plus 3 rakaat of alamak I forgot what solat that is hehehe) which by 10.00 p.m. the imam would finish the tarawikh prayers to the more slower ones (10.30 p.m. wif only 8 rakaat).

Anyway, the haze has put it a different perspective of Ramadhan wif the occassional clear skies to hazy, lazy and cool days. I guess the Indonesians think if they can’t come to Malaysia physically, they’ll do it umm smokeyly? Their presence is surely felt right now eh? Talk about major smoke signal ala Red Indian style. Was the message? Let’s us stay in Malaysia? I don’t know… I dont speak Indon Smokian.



The ride to work this morning was very hazily (!) but it seems to clear up as I gander out yon horizon from my office windows. I bet Indonesian would be mad but some of them are troublemakers wherever they are; be it on our soil or back at their country! I guess you can’t really stop determined troublemakers.

Well, that’s my 2 bits worth of commentary hehehe… I hope I will be able write more in the future just to practice using English. Rusty huh? Now where’s that surgical mask of mine…”


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