Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Dear WordPress and friends,

Ramadhan the Holy month is now at our doorsteps. Muslims everywhere have every reason to cheer up. It is beyond the shadow of the doubt that the holy month is a blessing to both living and departed. For us who are still alive, it is a month of spiritual and physical alignment individual as well as the Ummah as a whole. Spiritually and individually you are in a way given a bonus / jualan murah in terms of good deeds. The bounty made available to Muslims by God is multiplied to the extend made known only to Him. Similar to a jualan murah / sales of a boutique where that pair of shiny shoes you have been yearning to have is suddenly within your financial grasp, Ramadhan allows Muslims who are in ‘debt’ as far as good deeds are concerned, to recover their ‘loses’. Now, where on earth can you find a stock market for instance that gave out a breather of sorts for investors to recover their losses due to poorly made buying / selling decisions. Indeed Allah is Most Just.

In terms of physical alignment, the already overworked bodily systems are given a respite from their daily chore (or even torture depending our way of life) and repair itself. Hence, fasting gives for instance the stomach some time to render itself into working condition, that is of course if we observe the true meaning of Ramadhan and thereby taking food and water in moderate amounts and not stuffing ourselves to the gills. When we talk about the alignment of the Ummah spiritual or otherwise, concisely speaking it is similar to a military formation straightening its ranks and lending their ears to the General as he explains out the war plan. In the days of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.), the Ummah were continuously aligned 5 times daily as were in the days of his companions. However, those days of Islam’s glory has made to pass as we all fall prey to this world’s glistering trappings.

The Muslims are left then with the weekly Friday congregational prayers where it cannot be performed less than 40 male of age. However this weekly alignment of the Ummah has come to be seen as a weekly touch and go affair whereby Muslims gather at the mosques to chatter up past success and other worldly matters and only turn their attention to the mosques when prayers are called. The reorganisation of the Ummah is therefore left to the combined and collective effort of Muslims during the month of Ramadhan. Rich or poor, kings or peasants and blue or white collared Muslim workers  are by no means a difference in observation of fasting. The Ummah are given a chance to tune up their ‘structure’ and adjust their focus and objectives in their life on this mortal plane. This is in my humble opinion made possible by the collective experience of hunger and thirst. Indeed, biologically talking, not much of a difference can be said in terms of feeling hunger between a popper and a king. The hunger pangs feel quite the same I concur.

Of course the height of the Ummah reorganisation would be the Hajj pilgrimage but one would argue that not everyone is lucky enough to perform it due to financial constraints. That sir, is a direct by-product of the Ummah inability to organise itself so as to enable each and every Muslim to perform Hajj via financial aid at the very least. Until and unless the realignment of the Ummah is manifested 5 times daily, such a problems of so-called inequality continue to persist and thus gave way for communism or socialism or even capitalism to flourish and weaken the Ummah structural basis of brotherhood. Truly, as far as I am concerned, Ramadhan is the last tool that Muslims as a whole must utilise fully in augmenting itself into one solid structure the Ummah was once renown for. Even on individual terms, Ramadhan will churn out steadfast Muslims beaming with health bodily and spiritually. Of course all of these are just my humble world view of the month of Ramadhan without belittling what have been revealed in the Quran and Hadith of its ‘hikmah’ .

By tomorrow morning, every where over the world, Muslims will wake up for the sahur meals as preparation for fasting the whole day. May Allah will us the strength and heart as we go about our daily routine with a little bit of hunger and thirst in a solidarity effort to understand our brother and sisters who are less fortunate. By doing so, it is hoped that Muslims of better economic standing are more sensitive to their plights and chip in to help. To all my friends, RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK to you all!


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