2nd Phase of Ramadhan

1231302815LsWe4xJWET MORNING : Not my office but the scenery is same anywhere; wet, cold, yet refreshing.

Dear WordPress,

Ramadhan 2009 starts today at its 2nd week. Needless to say, time really fly these days, doesn’t it? Popping a glance at your favourite newspaper will show you that it has been quite an eventful month of August. In fact, I predict it would be even ‘merrier’ over the remaining months of 2009 with colourful happenings day-in, day out. So much for that observation and the sore attempt at fortune telling.

As Ramadhan enters its 8th day today, I steal a look out of the window of my office to see how was the morning today. At my place, it was a wet one and cold too. I might add also that from the 1st day of Ramadhan, it has been nothing short of a fantastic weather; cool, breezy and the occasionally rainfall that is most welcoming especially taken into consideration the past months of hot and dry weather. A question begs an answer at this juncture; how dost thine fasting fare for thee? Have the past 7 days been of worthy of the opportunity God hast gave us? Only we alone (of course it is already long before within Allah’s Knowledge) know the answer to such a question.

I reckon that some of us may experience triumphs or even suffer bits of failure as we steadfastly go about our duties as Muslim in this Holy month. I don’t mean success and failure in the usual term. I am referring to our performance of fasting and more importantly the positive ‘conditioning’ effect it has to the soul. Whether we are improving or left about in stagnant or even turn to the worse are questions worthy of some honest soul searching. As the level of iman is a constant roller coaster ride, one must expect twist and turns in life that sometimes tests one’s faith to the max! Fasting as per effect on the soul should in effect be similar to a blacksmith’s relentless pounding of sweltering hot steel into an augmented and sharp sword; reliable and trusty especially in the battle field.

welding2 CONDITIONING : It’s amazing how brute force and mercilessly hot fire on raw steel eventually will make it even durable

As the morning from my windowed office grew brighter revealing more of the drenching rains hitting the rooftops of nearby offices, I suddenly remembered a soothing song from Man Bai and Raihan about Ramadhan. Firing the steadily crashing Google Chrome browser, I asked Google what was the song’s title. It came up as “Harapan Ramadhan”. A deeper search brought me to one of the many websites hosting pages of its lyrics for people to ponder upon.

Harapan Ramadhan

Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan
Kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui
Dengan sempurna

(undoubtedly a just hope harbour by all Muslim as we enter into Ramadhan)

Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun sudah pun berlalu
Masa yang pantas berlalu
Hingga tak terasa ku berada
Di bulan Ramadhan semula

(time to some flies and to the rest creeps up stealthily unbeknownst to mankind as they busy themselves with tasks and what-nots)

Puasa satu amalan
Sebagaimana yang diperintahNya
Moga dapat ku lenturkan
Nafsu yang selalu membelenggu diri
Tiada henti-henti

(as the saying goes; keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer is a wise one since a watched pot never burn)

Tak ingin ku biarkan Ramadhan berlalu saja
Tuhan pimpinlah daku yang lemah
Mengharungi segalanya dengan sabar
Kita memohon pada Tuhan diberikan kekuatan
Ku merayu pada Tuhan diterima amalan

(the end of Ramadhan we beseech that the Ever Merciful Allah to accept our deeds as impeccable and be pleased therewith)

Selangkah demi selangkah…
Dengan rahmatMu oh Tuhanku…
Ku tempuh jua

(as Ramadhan and us are well and alive, we should grab this golden opportunity most greedily before it’s over)


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