How significant are we?

heic0607b (1)NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK : Where are we exactly?

Dear WordPress,

Rarely can we see the stars up in the heavens at night no thanks to the light pollution our cities emit. It’s too bright on earth that the magnificent show of lights from the starry night sky are virtually gone unnoticed by us. As we progress further, we actually regress in terms of grasping the reality of our existence in this world. A speck of dust, a mere dot and an insignificant smear on the endlessly and evolving canvas we call the universe. And I am talking just about the earth; forget mankind.

I won’t delve in detail about astronomy. Not only it requires a certain degree of acumen in physics but also a mastery in mathematics, in which I have miserably failed to even score an average of ‘lulus’ in my monthly tests in basic modern mathematics. It seems mathematics and I are not meant to be together. We both would inevitably collide horribly and reject each other’s advances. Mathematics subconsciously to me is as strange as any given green or blue alien that comes to mind.


LOOK MA, THERE’S PA! : Is anybody out there?

Nevertheless, if you’re lucky enough to see the stars at night, just a thought, how significant mankind or even as a person as per the ever expanding universe. Would the stars pause their destination as to allow mankind to complete some trivial tasks? Or would our action can in some way influence the evolution of a star; from its birth right to its supernova death? In short, in the scheme of things, where do man actually sit? Scientists of yesteryears once thought that the earth is the centre of the universe where all the celestial objects pay their homage to earth by circling it. Although scientifically mankind has somewhat the truth, the thinking of that life evolves around mankind still nonetheless quite prevailing today.

Just take a gander at your nearby rubbish dump or river and see how much we think ourselves instead of the environment. Obviously, man’s total convenience is above concern of other living things and the environment itself. I guess the progress of man cannot be measured through tonnes achievements of academic papers, researches and technological breakthroughs. Such is true the saying that ‘action speaks louder than words’. As long as we are thinking that the everything else evolves around us, we are just as primitive as we were once before; never were we enlightened by the true state of things through the decades of human civilization.


CIRCLE OF MAGNIFICENCE : The Final Frontier for Mankind to explore

Hence, the next time we think of buying too much foodstuff or throwing rubbish down the river or view someone condescendingly, pause a minute and reflect, if the earth is nowhere to be seen in the above photo,  just think where are you and I individually in the scheme of things to justify our said actions? Are we that significantly important?


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