Have a great weekend people!

WEEKEND HERO : Alive & Kicking during the Weekends

Dear WordPress,

The best part of the week again is knocking at my door, begging me to leave the office early. But I think I’ll be staying late at the office as the roads are choked with countless cars and motorcycles driven by kiasu people bent on rushing to some destination known only to them. Hence, I want as much as possible, to savour and enjoy the pre-weekends hours (Friday 5.30pm onwards) which are moments that I can actually enjoy just being myself and pretty much alive. You know, we really don’t have to be somebody special or someone else to be happy. Emulating others that appears to the naked eyes as successful is a slippery downhill road that will get you nowhere.

That doesn’t mean however that people with their chosen way of life are losers since they are different from me. It is just their choice of living. You and me are free people, so go ahead and choose which ever path that may be of your liking. Just beware of its consequences or benefits of your choice. And of course, don’t use the excuse that since it is that person’s way of life, said person have the bragging rights to shove their fortunes right up to other people’s faces. Be discreet about it as not all of us are probably lucky enough to enjoy the weekends. Think of the poor for instance; weekends, holidays, and workdays don’t really mean much to them as they have scrape up bits of what most people would regard as valueless refuse, just to continue on living for the day.

As for me, the weekends are where my batteries are recharged, wires in the head realigned, hard disk in my brain defragmentized and sleep hours replenished as the long week exhausted most of it with sleep depriving work. Other than that, I probably be turning the house upside down with some needed spring cleaning. It is time to wake up the dusts around my house from its sleepy slumber and boot it out from my abode. I just wonder where do these dusts originate from? I know human shed their skin in tiny pieces everyday but the amount of dusts in my house is definitely unbelievable. You think with that much dust (which supposedly coming from me), I would be skinless by now!

I may also take a short trip to KL just to keep in touch with the roads over there. A mere 6 months of absence from KL can be hazardous to many a driver since the roads over there keep on changing overnight with flyover and new lanes spawning now and then. Probably I am looking for trouble because Raya is quite near and most people have their pockets full of cash to burn. For some people, come 10 September, another shopping spree would ensue. You know why? It’s gaji day for them and so early in the month too. I won’t comment on that.

Whatever it is, the weekends are here to stay. Probably it’s a tall order but a simple, enjoyable and well deserved weekend isn’t too much to ask, or is it? Anyway just enjoy everybody! The weekends are too short short for frowning on things beyond our control.



4 responses to “Have a great weekend people!

  1. so…. hows the kl trip and weekend for u bro?

    • Terrible! Went half before major traffic jamlus forced me to make a double quick u-turn! Horrific jam! Talk about galactic proportions exodus by people from neighbouring states to KL. Macam citer War of the Worlds.

      On a bright side, when for a quiet adventure at the Mines Shopping Complex where the number people are at average level. Phew! Thanks for asking!

  2. u shud try to avoid Jln TAR during Sogo’s membership sale (wth knows that!?) coz thats the coz of all jem in KL..

    i was there for 3 hours and got nothing outa it…!

  3. Yeah thanks for the tip bronk…

    I guess this week will be even worse since some people have receive their gaji earlier plus will be getting another token sum for Raya.

    Nice… wished people would demand money from government because they want to invest in say Tabung Haji or takaful endownment fund instead of forever ‘buying new clothes / accessories / car / handphones / perfumes / jeweleries etc…

    Financially, one can plan ahead as easily as saving some money each month even as little as RM20 (x 11 months = RM220) which should cover some of the expenses for school come December. At least you have some money whatever the amount saved is.

    I do remember my parents only buy me new uniforms & shoes after at least 2 years. We used to wore worn out shoes but we as a family don’t mind. How you fare in the exam is after all the primary evaluation academically. Try getting into a university with spanking new clothes alone.

    Stressing on appearances is sadly our people’s forte and it seems it would be so for some time in the future.

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