A Ramadhan gift for Raja


WEDDING PHOTO 1 : From left : Affaf (Bad’s wife), Bad, Tok Ijal, me (who else!) and Raja’s Dad

Dear WordPress,

One of my two best and long time pals from way back in UIA, Nik Amran a.k.a. Raja (there’s a story behind this nickname!) is certainly blessed with a bundle of joy during this holy month. According to a EPI’s source which is Raja himself (duh!), his second baby is a boy and was brought into this world at 1539 today. The baby was born at Putrajaya Hospital but a name has yet to given by the couple.  I can guarantee you it won’t be Muhammad Ikhbal hahaha… (EPI Editor : You may look around and find out people are not laughing, ok eeqbal?).

Okay that wasn’t funny I guess hehehe… (pesky EPI Editor!). Anyway, what joy it must be for Raja & Zarina. Sorry we couldn’t be there but you know I’m just a phone call away if my pals need me. Although it won’t be dramatic similar to Superman but they get the gist. They would do the same to me too. As you can see the above photos, we have come a long way together. Hopefully we continue so in happy or sad or even mundane & lukewarm times. Best friends are really forever!


WEDDING PHOTO 2 : Tok Ijal, me, Zarina, Raja and Che Rus (my previous boss at UIA)

P/s – please spare me the comments on “So when are you going to get married? I’ll be busy dodging that question during Raya thank you very much!


2 responses to “A Ramadhan gift for Raja

  1. dah berapa ramai melangkah bendul ikbal agaknya…..takkan tunggu rizal dapat anak 5 baru ikbal nak dapat calon

  2. hahaha… dh agak dh soklan mcm ni mesti kuar punya hehehe….

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