Listen to handphone conversations!

Dear WordPress,

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been snooping around people’s conversations for decades. From the normal phone tapping to microwave class eavesdropping technology that can penetrate concrete walls, they have done it a long time ago. After September 11, CIA & FBI began to invade even more of our private conversations / messages / information online. I can’t remember the technology’s name but it crawls all over the net and efficiently nabs streams of data / conversations / chat with keywords such as terrorism, bomb and hijack and logged the IP address of the parties involved for further investigation.

If that is too much for you to swallow, try a sample of the following GSM / PCN mobile network voice and data snare using CIA’s super spy technology. Just key in the mobile phone number of choice (please include +6 before the usual 012/4/6/7/9 etc for Malaysia) and press scan. If you’re lucky, if will play a clipping of the number’s conversation (probably last week or so).

So please turn up the volume since it is already compressed to save bandwidth and space. It might sound a little bit unclear and like in a drain or something but you can hear the conversation nonetheless. Good luck and know now that Big Brother is always watching you!


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