Lonely day at the office

POSTER 1: Gee… I didn’t think of that before (about the voices!)

Dear WordPress,

The 3rd Raya for the past 6 years of my working life is consistently spent by yours truly at the office. Not because I’m dedicated to work but due to terrific almost nonchalant atmosphere one would get from working in a virtually deserted office on a working day. True you still have to shove the tonnes of stuff commonly disguised as work but the heart pumping tense is quite absent.

Raya Songs
Of course, it could turn to the worse as one may have to finish something urgent which requires the help of another person being present at work. Anyway, as I began my almost ritual spring cleaning of my desk (compared to Bukit Antarabangsa, my place is by far a worse environmental disaster), I turned up the volume on my portable pinkish white speakers blaring out the olde favourite lagu raya. Probably it’s the place or age has caught up, the list of songs doesn’t really pack the same punch it used to give during past Hari Rayas.

loneliness POSTER 2 :Ain’t this the truth

Of Bonuses & AWOLs
There is a supposed to be another staff working but he is playing truant and effectively gone Absent Without Leave (AWOL). I guess my people with or without bonuses (or gifts in kind), their attitude remain the same. Hence and therefore, I have to post the letters that I have rushed out from my desk last Thursday in order for my office to be able to post it last Friday. It goes even further to show you that in life, if you want something done right, absolutely it is a must that you have to do it yourself. Unfortunately, the world would stop to a grinding halt if say various Prime Ministers have to type, print, file and post each and every one of his letters to his recipients.

Smooth Roads
Well, enough complaining for today. I will enjoy this week as KL & Selangor are almost bare of its folks. Just imagine the smooth traffic and handful of motorists using the roads. In fact, the tarred roads have never been smoother and ‘enriching’ for us KL & Selangor based (lucky!) motorists. A much sought after breather no thanks to the endless buying of food stuff by people at the recently concluded Ramadhan month bazaar. I used to remember 4 years back when WNK 6547 has yet to come into my life, rayas are spent in KL. The roads are quite clear of motorists then but its sidewalks were nevertheless packed with foreign factory workers sleeping and loafing all day long.

Poor fellows being driven out by their employers for the day to ‘enjoy’ themselves in KL. Cash strapped in an expensive city, these people have but little choice to loiter here and there making the KL streets some sort of alive and umm… thriving. The buses were always packed to the brim. Thankfully the journey was quite short during these days for the road is devoid of traffic jams.

15-1 SMOOTH SAILING : Wish everyday is just like this on the road

At the office
Since no one is at the office, I took the liberty to dress down and wear some old clothes dating back to my UIA days! Hahaha yes although it is old but it looks new because I rarely wore it. I used to wear this dark red long sleeve shirt in UIA but thanks to some smart aleck comments (Akak : Akak nak tanya ni, awak keje apa kat sini? Me : Saya part time kat S-DEV kak. Akak : OH PART TIME JE. AKAK INGAT PEGAWAI. PAKAI MACAM PEGAWAI…), I chose not to wear it for sometime.

I was supposed to bring my songkok but as usual being forgetful, I left the head wear home near the TV. Hehehe… nothing special just want to dress the way I want. Come to think of it, I may just wear a sarong and pangoda t-shirt but it could be too cold with the centralised aircond on full blast. By the way, I will be clocking out by 4.30 p.m. for this month only instead of the usual 5.30 p.m. (official time). It’s great to reach home when the sun is still shining brightly as opposed to returning to a reddish dusk skyline (if I’m lucky) or having the moon shining from above (not very lucky).

200022144-001 CLEAN & CLEAR : Wished this too happens everyday at my office!

My holidays
I’m supposed to go on a short break for several days next week when all manner of havoc and pandemonium are expected to rule the day. But hey, when a guy need a break, he really need it. Anyway, these people are already enjoying themselves this week. Being a KL dweller, I have to ‘guard’ the office as I have been doing since 2003. Probably if God willing, I can get a transfer to somewhere outside of KL / Selangor and have a taste of Raya week holidays.

BeachHammockVACATION TIME : Ahh… you can almost feel the cool breeze from the … fan in my house, where else!

Well, so much for that ramblings and what nots. See you guys a little bit later. Selamat hari raya again!


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