Life Reviewed – 2 weeks ago

Dear WordPress,

Quite awhile since I updated this blog and much have passed this way. As I mentioned somewhere in the blog, I went for a quiet holiday in yon peaceful and serene village. Come to think of it, the scenery was almost a-look-alike cut out poster of some distant land with black specks of birds on the otherwise bluish canvas called sky. Alas, like most good story or movie, it all have to end sometime, sooner or later.

[picapp src=”0287/3a654fa0-f5df-41e4-b4c6-35f09b120287.jpg?adImageId=5434694&imageId=290731″ width=”500″ height=”334″ /]

Now back at the slave farm, things couldn’t be much worse. Not sure the phrase ‘taking things in stride or going head on with challenges originate from. I’m quite confident that the source didn’t face much adversity and being cornered to a hopeless situation’ without anything resembling a ray of hope. Well, what ever it is, be it man, beast or creations of iron or stone has an eventual breaking point. Hope in such circumstances has already descended beyond this world and onto hereafter I expect. Just ponder on those poor trapped people underneath tonnes of rubble and earth; what possible glimmer of worldly hope could a mortal possible pray for?

[picapp src=”a/7/5/9/Woman_sitting_at_e421.jpg?adImageId=5432550&imageId=5065016″ width=”358″ height=”477″ /]

Looking back, it would be every man’s wish for something of the past could be better so that the present is bearable and the future brighter. Yet, the passing of time is never meant to be wield nor mastered by mankind. Even as I type these gibberish phrases, time flew smoothly by without batting an eye to my endeavour. I actually wanted to share with you guys some internet tools / stuff that I already knew but hadn’t had the chance to try it out. I did actually tried some of it but can’t seem to have the energy or motivation to finish it off. Pretty good stuff like online collaboration tools that are just the thing most organisation need without all those fancy pants stuff that people rarely pay attention to.

So much for that… sigh… sipping the olde favoured 3-1 coffee mix don’t seem to give the necessary kick (as this part has been taken by yours truly’s superior perfectly placed at my bottom). I’m feeling dog tired right now and did actually fell asleep during another of a talk-athon meeting cum waste of time activity at the office not long ago. The following picture really depicts how I slept through the whole useless session right in front of the chairman. He was most of the time deeply engrossed and too preoccupied (o-ku-pa-yed!) with his yada – yada and droned on with his monotonous voice and bland ideas.

[picapp src=”c/3/e/4/Businessman_alseep_in_61fc.jpg?adImageId=5432603&imageId=5066159″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

I actually felt good waking up at the end of the meeting. The chairman was apparently drown by his own voice and seemingly good ideas that I realized most of the attendees had already formed small groups and chatting away time about other things which were definitely better. Nice! By the way, if you noticed both of the pictures featured in this writing are courtesy of which offer premium quality pictures free of charge. Yup premium grade stuff at FOC rates! It supports both & .org bloggies so you guys better take advantage of this in your posts. Read more here.

Okies c ya!


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