Happy World Photography Day 2009!


RELIC : The First Pentaprism Camera; the Contax S of 1949 (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Dear WordPress,

I found this nifty website that exhibits some of the funniest and probably mind boggling pictures of photographers doing their thing. It was in conjunction with World Photography Day that fell on last 19th August 2009. A bit of history lesson is in order here. It was narrated in the annals of time that on this very date in the year of 1839, photography was officially invented in Paris.

A partnership between Niepce and Louis Daguerre was formed in January the 2nd 1929 to research and experiment on photography. Unfortunately Niepce passed away four years later leaving Daguerre to continue on the work. Later on, Daguerre managed to found a way to develop photographic plates and thereby reducing the exposure time from a lengthy eight hours to a manageable 30 minutes. He also struck another milestone when he successfully research a way of making an image permanent by using salt.

A French scholar of high esteem Paul Delaroche, reported this invention to the French government who soon bought the rights to it from Daguerre in July 1839. And on 19th August of the same year, the government detailed out the process to the masses which Delaroche named it “Daguerreotype”. It was an instant hit with the people and “Daguerreomania” soon ensued. The Daguerreotype “requires no knowledge of drawing….” and that ” anyone may succeed…and perform as well as the author of the invention” said Delaroche to the excitement of the public. (Source)

Well, so much for history. Now the following pictures are ordered according to the difficulty of the shot taken by the photographers in it. Think of it as being EPI Official Tough Photography Instances 2009. The last is according to us is the toughest naturally. Enjoy!



OLDE TECHS : Must be a torture just to assemble the gadget for one measly shot!

2. att1419047

SNAPPING AT THE CORNER : Look who’s negotiating a bend?

3.  att1419054

SATISFYING : The Look of the Driver Must be That Priceless!


SMASH : You’d Wished That Tennis Player is Actually Aiming for the Guy’s Head!




UNBEARABLE: It Ain’t Pretty But Somebody Has To Do It!

p/s – To Abg Aboo, Eesz & Eeqa, Happy Belated World Photography Day 2009!


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