Dilbert reviewed

Dear WordPress,

I have been a fan of Dilbert’s comic strips for a long time. Even my dad is an ardent fan of him typically when he was still working. He bought us one of Dilbert’s many compilation of comic strips. Quite expensive though since it is an international comic artist.

Basically, Dilbert is a white collar worker or more precisely an computer engineer working for an unknown company. Together with his colleagues such as Alice, Wally and Ted to name a few, they form the company’s core work force. Working at the fore front of the companies operations, they find the management’s (the pointy haired boss) way of doing business a tad too ‘managey’ and irrelevant. The pointy haired boss loves to spam the worker there with useless motivational quotes and maligned management jargon talk instead of managing the company and the people working there.

To make matters worse, animal characters such as Catbert the Evil HR Director (this character is universal in any workplace) and Dogbert (Dilbert’s pet dog) give unsightly insights and advices to the boss usually at a hefty fee (think consultants / vendors) in managing business. Dilbert sometimes sought the help of his local trash collector in addressing issues ranging from work related, nuclear physics and love! The company’s most valuable customers (and thereby making them the most dimwit people on earth) are the Elbonians who live in 3 feet of water.

The pointy haired boss usually remind me of past workplaces (even now it seems relevant) where so-called quality management mantras are constantly being spewed by self profess consultants and top management alike. The Dilbert character IMHO represents most of us who just want to earn some money doing their jobs which are meaningful and productive. The following comic strips is courtesy of Mr. Scott Adam, the creator of Dilbert. Enjoy!



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