Things we (Muslims) take for granted

Dear WordPress,

Before I hang my head lowly and admit that this blog of mine has been infected with LTCD (Left to Collect Dust) syndrome, a normal disease that infect millions of webbies / bloggies / FBies etc worldwide, or surrender to another resounding AHAH! from nameless visitors to EPI, I say thee nay! In fact, I have been drafting several pieces of entries but decided arbitrarily that those writings don’t meet the qualities set by EPI’s stringent albeit randomly picked editorial board.

Anyway, I have several things to let off my chest these past few weeks and thereby ‘debated’ or noted on my favourite life journal. Nevertheless, my postings were made bland and dull as my personal horizon is continuously being changed without much of my consent or will. Even as I write, the urge to just shelve this rambling into the halls of ‘unpublished ones’ is as strong as ever. Hence, you may notice this posting is just a mere intermission for me to do something else.

So much for that. I like to share some stuff I found while surfing the interwebbie. These are some of the things we Muslims take for granted especially when answering the call for prayers. Such beautiful conversations and most soothing to people in distress. Something for us all to ponder about… (by the way, do click on the music player for some added mood to digest the following translations! 🙂 )

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2 responses to “Things we (Muslims) take for granted

  1. ok sgt suka entry ni…
    isk sy sgtla lalai…

    • Dear Siti,

      Thanks for reading my humble entries. Entry ni untuk sama2 ingat especially for myself. Lebih baik saya sedar, menyesal dan perbaiki diri sendiri sekarang daripada langsung x amik kisah smpi dh terlewat ye tak?

      Keyword; SLOW AND STEADY or istiqamah kata org Arab 🙂

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