Of The Old and New Year and Its Accompanying Resolutions

Dear WordPress,


Tomorrow will be my off day as well as Monday. As the new year looms ahead, people including yours truly scramble to apply for year end leaves. The year 2009 however will witness my breaking of a personal old tradition of taking leaves right after everyone else has enjoyed theirs. This year I will be on leave together with the others irrespective if the office is manned or not. Old habits probably die hard but one can never really resist asserting new habits especially if it is far better than the old ones.


And as some of you may notice, the talk of the coming year 2010 is already aplenty. Although I must say that simply reiterating this fact doesn’t necessarily mean that one understand the whole concept or meaning of it. But then again that’s what most of us are used to and at least we try to be up to date (I think!). Anyway, another year is being ushered in as the current one is quietly bowing out. Similar like any other previous year-ends, the remaining days of the current year are somewhat treated as honeymoon days. Work couldn’t be more of a chore and celebrations couldn’t be more merrier than these coming days.


Indeed, as we talk about traditions, the Malaysian age old practice of phrasing up New Year’s Resolution will again crop up and be the topic of every Joe on the street as well as learned Peter Parker. Thus one begs the following question to be answered : What Ever Happened To This Year’s Resolution(s)? Again, the normal Malaysian attitude is to downplay it and instead focusing something probably new. Worse still, is recycling old so-called resolutions and re-branding it as the main theme of the coming new year’s resolution (NYR) after a low keyed but truly resounding defeat in achieving it this year. Sound familiar? Ask your friendly cigarette smoke puffing (and coughing) neighbour and he’ll quickly attest to this sad fact.

Of course, NYRs are important for us to effectively chart our course in life. However, no thanks to elements of trendiness which already are too evident in many aspects of our life, it usually degrade things of import to some lowly human expressions which are devoid of reality.


It wouldn’t be complete without the added twist of glitz and glamour (sort of) to this ‘tradition’ by tasking artists and celebs alike to divulge the absolute gore details of their NYR and all of these done on television! Okay, I guess now people will know that I’m rather biased to the high society chaps and prefer to refer to them with negative tones. I mean hey, people would say, they are humans too. Well, I have no problem of people being humans. I just can’t understand why in the world I want to know how for instance, the artist would like to do with their lives on tele? Wouldn’t it interest us all to know how we can chip in to help poor souls out there to fulfill just one measly wish during their lifetime? Life is of course not all sad and stiff but then again life was, is and never meant to be all fair and lovely. It is so, in order that you and I may try to change it, failing or succeeding in the process is way beside the point.

It’s probably good if these celebs can produce their albums and get the services of a fashion designer most suitable to their styles. But it will definitely make my life fulfilling if I just can light up a smile of someone down in the dumps and thereby humbling myself even more. Well, so much for my complaining.


My almost complete absence from the WordPress scene was probably much more than the usual Left To Collect Dust Syndrome. Writing something non-academic is actually much more challenging especially when guided only by the song churned out from the faithful speakers and coloured by my current mood. Right now, my mood is lukewarm, hazy and it couldn’t shake off the nagging negative outlook of my forseeable future. But I just got a call from my previous UIA boss. Apparently she was nearby my office after attending a meeting there.

In fact, last week I was in UIA for the Qurban. I have some pictures taken there and probably would post it later on. I even went back for a quick stroll at my old office to test whether I still the same feeling for it. My eyes were quite watery as I wallow away the old and gold days of a forgone chapter of my life there. Yup, I still got the blues for you UIA. Hence, I couldn’t be there not more than 5 minutes especially when the office was too deserted and quiet for me. A full office abound with activity won’t caught me off guard that easily. Sigh!

Life is choke full of surprises or shocks depending on the eye of the beholder. For example, when I wrote this piece, I thought I was going to write down some New Year Wishlists but ended up here, blabbing about things that should be left in peace. Maybe in the next post I’ll have the right inspiration and motivation to get it right. Until then…


3 responses to “Of The Old and New Year and Its Accompanying Resolutions

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  2. NYR is just cheap talk with no intention to fulfill.. I guess when ur talking about resolution, its not necessarily during the end of the year.. An all year resolution would be nice coz things change and as a person i see that i need to change to adapt to any change, if there is any..

    Furthermore, life wouldn’t be life if u run from these changes. Make decisions and act on that, not act on a list of things u wanna do. A matter of face, if ur into list then make a bucket list instead. List out things u wanna do in ur live and strike them out if u’ve done it.. Its cool to have perspectives or goal in life, but its a loss if u just over look them and deny them in life..

    Happy new year bro.. May next year brings good change to u & ur life..

  3. Dear Bronk,
    Mah tots exactly… NYR is just another of society’s many lip service and sort of guilt free confession cum commitment statement or whatever you wanna call it.

    The fact is everyday we must resolve to do something better than yesterday. Something which is far harder than just saying it. But I’ll put up my wishlist of the coming new year for things that hopefully would happen to those people and things we care about.

    Happy early new year bronk!

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