Something less for something infinite

Dear WordPress,

As my fingers begin to tingle again (more like semut-semut than your normal spider’s sense) for something to type on this faithful laptop of mine, I searched again for some inspiration. The usual suspect is loading Google on chrome and randomly type anything I can think of in the short span of 2 seconds and begin to search. Today’s urge to write was largely fired up by a humble forwarded email (which happened to land into Yahoo!’s junk mail filter of all the places) from a long time friend.

It was your regular quotes and observation of life on earth except the last phrase really caught my attention. It went like this;

Tuhan hanya mahu kita beramal selama lebih
kurang 40~~50 tahun demi untuk mendapat balasan Syurga untuk selamanya…

Nicely put I must say. Come to think of it, most things on earth come at a price which are more or less similar in value or amount. Even the run-of-mill pyramid scheme require some sort of ‘investment’ so to speak whether in cash or kind (time, apple polishing etc). Nothing comes quite close to Allah’s promise of eternal paradise or God forbid, damnation in exchange for a little of our time in this world.

Now if that won’t get me thinking, nothing would I expect. The email goes further to summarise the journey of many a soul on earth from being a simple meek to high rise fame and fortune. Okay most aren’t that lucky but just think, most of us started off our careers with kancils or kapchais. As time goes on and probably through promotion or loans, most of us upgraded to say, Waja, Perdana or the like. And this touches only the aspect of personal transportation. What about our once truly humble abode? Probably after 15 – 20 years it will be a small castle with befitting furnishings.

And the rest, well you get my drift. The sad part as eloquently put by the email, is that from this humble beginning that witnessed our daily prayer religiously observed, dwindled to ‘packages’ of prayers (think of performing the Zuhr prayer right before ‘Asr prayers) or worst, neglected altogether! Now, I’m not saying that I’m perfect either but this entry tonight seeks to share a point that a certain important part of our life along this short journey, may or may not have changed, for better or worse, without us realising it.

Oh by the way, before clocking out this evening, I saw a piece of gadget at the office that measures one’s blood pressure, lying on yon coffee table. I quickly strapped the Velcro arm band and turned the gizmo on.  It read my vitals as follows :
Systolic (Blood pressure when you are doing something) – 126
Diastolic (Blood pressure when you are at rest) – 76
Heart Rate – 61

Now according to vitals calculator, my blood pressure is normal and should be rechecked in 2 years time (at the place I’m working, it should have said ‘to check again in 2 seconds!’). And my heart beat scored a 75 and earned me a ‘Good’ rating. Alhamdulillah! You should know that optimally, your blood pressure should read out at 120/80 with a heart beat rate in the region of 70 generally as it depends also on gender.

Back to my original posting, I guess what we strived and sacrificed on earth for Allah is the ultimate investment that can never be matched by any Ponzi scheme, guaranteed! Finding that forwarded email in the Junk Mail folder is something worth an ‘eye brow lift’ isn’t it? After all, like diamonds and pearls, you won’t find it in the most pleasing of places. In fact, the more pleasant the place, the more you’ll find scum, dirt and the undesirables! Now, I guess at last people can actually believe that in this world, there actually exist something that is too good too be true!!

Happy investing!


One response to “Something less for something infinite

  1. then i should get my blood pressure tested too.. 😀

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