Wake Up Guys and ‘Smell’ the Trouble Coming!

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I really don’t want to hype more that I should about issues surrounding the Malays lest people will say I’m just talk and talk as it’s easier to say than actually do something about it. I’m sure most of us are already aware of the Malay crisis in Malaysia (if you aren’t then you have a problem!) and more or less have a hand in to advert a total disaster in our own small way. And before you all think that I’m going all racist, just read on first and judge later.

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Tokijal sometime ago forwarded an article from The Malaysian Insider, a news and views portal I rarely follow much or read for some reason known only to me. However, the article was actually featured in Singapore’s Straits Times in one of its many 7th December 2009 articles. After reading it, I felt a need to at least comment on it but couldn’t find the time as I was in a year-end-manic-work-related mode! Nonetheless, I set it to be opened every time I run Chrome as a reminder for me to do something about it.

Now, drumming up or commenting on such an issue in times where Islam in Malaysia is somewhat ‘challenged’ isn’t that wise as I may indirectly add emotional fuel to an already sensitive but yet pertinent ‘crisis’ misunderstood by many as being ‘open to comments’ or ‘debatable’ from the ordinary Joe or your familiar Tom, Dick and Harry types. Back to the article, the Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs, Encik Yaacob Ibrahim highlighted his fears as the Malay people in Singapore has degraded to a status of 3rd class citizens left to fend for itself and confined mentally if not physically to an area akin to New Orleans or District 9 (watch the movie and you’ll understand).

But Encik Yaacob essentially don’t put the blame on the current regime in Singapore but lamented on the nonchalant attitude of the Malays there themselves who couldn’t care less about their current situation much less of their future. The social ills of the Malays there are moving slowly to that of the Bronx in the US with one essential difference; the Malays gladly accept being relegated to a backwater class citizens. In fact, we could say the Malays willfully allow and to some extend, encourage themselves to be treated as door mats for others. Yes, these statements will definitely raise, to mildly put it, objections from Malays at least from Singapore. But that would be a plus for me as it would show me that the Malays there have not surrendered to their predicaments without marching on valiantly or at least still have the sensitivity of a people.


One response to “Wake Up Guys and ‘Smell’ the Trouble Coming!

  1. Bro..just watched District 9yesterday…Sir Eeqbalz, you’re right! District 9, a must-watch movie, in order to understand about what you’re writing about…

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