That really hurt…

Dear WordPress,

I never anywhere in this blog of mine mentioned that I’m :

i. showing off my writing skills;
ii. bragging to people that I can write a bit in English; and
iii. that I am mentally superior to others.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=hurt&iid=180653″ src=”0177/174770ee-74f0-4018-8552-4da8f0a50f6d.jpg?adImageId=9555072&imageId=180653″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

OUCH : EPI’s Assessment Results!

I write just because I want to practice writing in English and so that my grey matter is used once in awhile and keeping it nimble (you really want to this if you’re stuck in this oxymoronic place). In fact, as I have mentioned here and there, EPI is essentially a collection of my personal thoughts and life experiences for my own consumption. It’s an online mirror of my pastt self like your car’s rear mirror; to see if you hit something or did something wrong or you missed a turn etc.

I want to know where I have been and how say 12 months ago life treated me and how I reacted to it. Essentially, I want a record of how I have changed over the years. A normal pen and paper diary is just to old school even for a 70s burnt out like myself. Anyway, I’ll lose it somehow or rather no thanks to my clumsy and careless personal defects. And this will give some clue to as why I start every entry with “Dear WordPress”. I’m treating EPI similar to an online diary. Additionally, nobody reads my blog anyway so I might as well address WordPress accordingly being my single most devoted ‘reader’ of my ramblings.

Truthfully, I would like to make EPI private and not accessible to the public. Heck, I think people out there deserve to read something more comprehensible or useful rather than browsing EPI. I’d usually hesitate initially in giving out the address of my blog. It is however, very polite to add friends to your links of bloggies once you detect them reading / browsing your blog (which explains the list of bloggies at EPI). These all being said don’t mean that I hate getting comments from ‘readers’. I love ’em; bad or good. Just give your piece. But essentially let your 2 sen worth be of some value or foundation.

Getting your blog reviewed is a much higher form of a comment. It’s not merely, “I agree…” or “Nicely put…” or “You probably are wrong in the sense that …”; reviewing in all fairness means :

i. your ideas / language are being scrutinised and assessed;
ii. the reviewer is having some sort of authority / experience / special knowledge or skill / the very least owns a blog

Now focus on the term “scrutinise”. It simply means not only word by word but the blog is assessed in toto and taken into context as a whole and not merely ‘speed browsing / clicking’ (until you find something that you can understand – type of language perhaps?). And another point is as I mentioned, the very least a self professed reviewer could be is a blog owner. Of course, if it is just registering a blog and never really write in it doesn’t necessarily count as a blog owner though.

As such, when last night whilst I was trying to finish some stuff, somebody YMed me and asked for my blog address. This someone which later on turned blog reviewer extraordinaire, is a new acquaintance stumbled upon via my daily online / YM life a few days ago. I gave this expert my blog address after much hesitation (not because of modesty, but I won’t recommend my blog to myself even for fear of convulating people’s normal thinking processes and because it’s just plain rubbish).

This blog authority then after several minutes of reviewing my blog concluded the following statement;

**** (27/1/2010 9:23:22 PM): **** dh baca dh..
eeqbal (27/1/2010 9:23:28 PM): 🙂
**** (27/1/2010 9:23:34 PM): ok la..
**** (27/1/2010 9:24:00 PM): tp mcm byk yg copy past jek.. he3..
**** (27/1/2010 9:24:09 PM): mane yg air tangan sdiri

Now, that was a brutal low punch to my self esteem. Like I said, I may not write good nor are my ideas that foundations-shaking quality. Nevertheless, these are all my ‘air tangan’ regardless of defect and shortcomings. Yes, unless clearly stated where is the source of the ‘copy past’ such as news paper clippings or articles, all the writings in EPI are essentially of yours truly in its origins. Maybe people will say that I’m a tad bit sensitive and all comments should be viewed and taken with a bit of salt. Probably age has a role in it but I have to say, that really hurt. No amount of salt or ajinomoto could help me swallow that awful ‘review’. In fact the expert confessed on the following facts ;

eeqbal:  **** ada blog x
**** : ngah wat… lum leh tgok lg… malu… siap *** bg tgok yer
****: he3..
****: errmm iqbal ada ker
eeqbal: yup
eeqbal: biasa2 je
eeqbal: x de pe yg bes
****: **** kesuntukan masa la
****: nk create

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=hurt&iid=48397″ src=”0046/3a7bc1d0-fbd6-4f15-b58c-559cb7966ddb.jpg?adImageId=9555243&imageId=48397″ width=”500″ height=”413″ /]

HURTS : X-RAY confirms the injury in myhead

Oh, the expert doesn’t actually run a blog much less the experience in squeezing your grey matter to get some words out. Nice! That really add insult to injury. By the way, like I explained, I met this expert just a few days ago and were in the process of getting to know each other. But the online thing has really gotten to most of today’s generation’s head until not even basic courtesy and candour are practised nowadays. If you are still getting acquainted with, take this advice from a guy whose era has long passed,



6 responses to “That really hurt…

  1. Erm,

    I dont understand the need to justify why you (or anyone one else) write in English (or Malay)?

    Just because someone think your use of English is better than them, its considered showing off?

    You really should know better than to write in good, correct English Iqbal because, God forbid, you might make someone else feels inferior and stupid.

    I can never get people like this.
    And wont even try.


  2. Hey Didi,

    thanks for the vote of confidence. Yeah I know posting like these make blogging tad bit too elitist which isnt at all. I’m just a kampung boy trying to find some meaning in life and have a taste of life for just awhile.

    Sad however, people prefer to assume things rather than trying to understand. Probably they’re lucky in their life and mistake that as a certificate certifying them as being an expert or at least know-it-all kinda person.

    Life too short for silly squabbles. But I’m not push-off too. That’s why my kinda dream vacation is just staying at home without the damn stupid office calling me on the handphone (which I can’t switch off since it’ll be rude) for a measly solid 24 hours. But noooooo…..

  3. Keep writing ikhbal

  4. Dude.. WTF are they thinking? We write what we think not what they’re gonna think of us.. We write coz we like and want to, not coz what we expect people to like or want.. If the comment is irrelevant, ignore.. take no notice of it..

    you’re always fun and interesting to read la bro..

    i have to go with Didi & Martinelli..

    • Bronk,

      Thanks for the comments & reading EPI! EPI may not stand for pure truth and absolute justice, by we’re nevertheless not nincompoops in a weird generation of Malaysian youngsters!

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