Spreading like Lyme disease

Dear WordPress,

EPI is yet under a sea (or tsunami more like it) of work and hence the dust gathering mode is automatically activated. Truthfully in times of these, I would usually write things best kept a secret. Being just another ordinary human with superpowers ranging from poor social skills to almost constant bad luck (a term and truly not a belief), I tend to be your average guy who probably burst out a variety of profanity here and there and sometimes in rapid succession. Hence, EPI has to review itself not because I want to post / posted profanities (which I don’t think can be found anywhere here) but due to my inability to express anguish / frustration quite frank  in EPI without effectively upsetting people.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tsunami&iid=7239914″ src=”6/0/5/0/Tidal_wave_caused_875e.jpg?adImageId=10896926&imageId=7239914″ width=”500″ height=”727″ /]

HERE IT COMES : That’s how work drops on me in the office

With the advent of blogging tools breakthroughs, EPI has grown quite good even if I say so myself. Not to say that I don’t enjoy sharing views with a handful of friends or the very least feel a sort of pride from some odd few who cared to browse around EPI and if I’m very lucky, get a line or two of comments by random visitors or friends. But being the hermit type and always in the shadows, I should think I have to revert back to the sort of private life which has a profound bearing in me. Never did get used to being public, I prefer the company of my thoughts as I reflect constantly on things around me as the nights slowly strengthen its grip on the world. It is quite simple for me to be amused of life and its happenings just by musing around in my head and laugh it out of the irony of things. As you can see, personal thoughts are once upon a time just that; personal and private.

Rather than closing down EPI, I may have to take my leave from writing in public in EPI and continue yet again my adventures in a plane that is most suited for yours truly humble person i.e. in private. I will however, endeavour to write in EPI once in awhile but until the tide of work subsides, I will record my adventures in the cyberspace realm secluded from all but myself (of course Allah is All Knowing remember!). My humble apologies for not being able to share the rantings but I guess it’s just personal stuff which is not really suitable for what EPI and those who came to glance through it, stand for; basic truth, a bit of analytical view sometimes and of some value. Also, I really missed my jiwang karat writing sessions which I am so fond of for no apparent reason. It could be I’m just a hopeless romantic who are always in love with the past and perpetually missing the olde days when in fact, people have already moved on with their lives.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=goodbye&iid=5254874″ src=”8/e/f/d/Closeup_of_parents_c71d.jpg?adImageId=10896999&imageId=5254874″ width=”413″ height=”413″ /]

SEE YA SOON GUYS : EPI will be back shortly …or soon, yeah!

It could be that or I’m just another old fool. I guess there is no fool like an old fool isn’t it?  Before I whisked back myself to the mountainous pile of work on my desk, on behalf of Eeqbalz Playgroundz Inc., I’d would like to say I’m sorry for not being able to invite anyone to my other virtual realm. Truly, the world is much better off not knowing what I will or have written there. It’s just a wee bit better than your usual Jom Heboh concerts or political demonstrations or the jualan di pejabat. Indeed, neither value nor knowledge can be found in my postings therein (and much less in the three situations I just mentioned!). Hence, if I have something good to write, I’ll post it at EPI most surely!

I will now spread my own brand of diseased thoughts and what-nots to another place far from civilisation 🙂 Until then, stay true to yourself; for living a lie is undoubtedly the biggest trait of a fool!


5 responses to “Spreading like Lyme disease

  1. Iqbal,

    Seriously, the way u talk about EPI is creepy tau. Macam EPI tu seorang manusia. Haha

    This post is very strange, I must say. Basicly you’re announcing you’re going to write elsewhere without inviting anyone.

    Is that out of spite? 🙂
    A teaser where eventually u will, after the demands of ur legions of readers (I’m NOT being sarcastic here), finally reveal ‘that’ hiding writing place?

    Erm, I’m so confused to why I’m asking all this questions. Haha

  2. Dear Didi,

    Yeah, come to think of it, the last 3 weeks was actually creepy for me. I could swore I did things without noticing it; too preoccupied with the never ending avalanche of work that keep on piling on my desk whilst others led on their merry life discussing about handbags, hairstyles and karaoke session (not that I want to do anything with these crap of an activity). In fact, when I am in prayer, I find it hard to concentrate and always feel I was not even there!

    But today after 1 week of respite from the work being shove to my face, I finally can hear myself talking (to myself in my head ) again. Previously, there is only blank and I thought I was going nuts just like Dr. House! I spoke alone aloud a number of times and did something often and only realised what I’ve done a few seconds later! Now that’s creepy!

    Yes, I must admit that posting is kinda out of character even if I do say so myself. Guessed the dark side got his turn to write something instead of just plainly playing tricks in my mind just before bedtime. Eccentric more like it.

    I guessed I was just plainly fed up with the happenings at my office. The people especially but that is not to say that I’m perfect! NO! NEVER! But the difference is I don’t really get into people’s business or kacau hal orang lain.

    Teaser Didi? Oh my, you think too highly of EPI. Its just another kampung boy lame attempt at deciphering life’s numerous mysteries and poke fun at people. Of course when you do that, expect life to have a jab or two back right at ya especially when ye least expect of it.

    I had the feeling that some people may find EPI’s posting a bit anti social and in general contain negative connotations. Not that I really care about what people say, but what friends may just feel or think about EPI, that would probably be a cause for concern. The keyword is I don’t want friends to feel uneasy around me.

    I have changed somewhat for better or worse but a part of me is still generally the same person my friends came to know of. Also when friends put up a link to my blog on theirs, I think I have a responsibility to uphold their dignity for having the courage (!) to just that in public.

    So Didi, thanks a lot dropping by and thanks a million for the comment. Unless I am in the city asylum, I am still ye olde same person, wierd but not all that creepy. 🙂

  3. Hihi.

    I enjoy reading your posts.
    Yes, their mostly negative.
    Yes, in your writings it does potray you as a weirdo.
    But if everyone writes what they truly feel, if they can even find the right words, they all would come off as weirdos too I think.

    I enjoy reading your posts because you have superb English and I can imagine myself, to achieve this level of writing, I would have to refer to dictionaries and thesaurus for every paragraph to make myself sound (more) intelligent.
    (Erm, you DONT do that right?)


  4. Dear Didi,
    hahaha… adeh jgn lah memuji sgt huhuhu biasa2an saja english guwe buk!

    I expect yours are better on any given day but you don’t want to show it perhaps hmmm? I agree that to write exactly what one truly feel does not only requires a tebal muka but also the correct vocabularies. Using a thesaurus definitely is the way as it’s more reliable than pure gut feeling.

    To sound (or seem like) intelligent doesn’t necessary mean one have to use bombastic words or pepper a plethora of nouns in their writings; simply put like you said we need to use the right words. Humph much harder for me than it sounds!

    Cheers Didi!

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