Kuala Lumpur Internasional Buku Fair 2010

Dear WordPress,

I have been advertising the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2010 on Yahoo! Messenger which will be held at PWTCC beginning 19 – 28 March 2010. Yes indeed, it is that time of the year (apart from other numerous  ‘that time of the year’ so officially proclaimed by EPI) that would see book lovers all over Malaysia converging at PWTC, making it all the less smaller due to the large crowd.

Similar to previous KLIBFs, I dread going there on the weekends because the halls will be swelled with people cashing in the weekend for a chance to visit it. As with PC Fairs, I would really advise you guys out there who are thinking of bringing toddlers and kids alike to the fair; DON’T EVEN THINK OF IT! Bringing kids who can read I can understand but babies on strollers? I think encouraging the kids to read at a tender age in this instance is a tad too much overboard. Try and get a babysitter and spare your baby as well as other people the misery of negotiating the packed halls in PWTC and falling flat on their faces no thanks to longish but below the radar type of strollers.

I won’t even start on the novel cinta-kasih-sayang-muda-mudi-abadi-selamanya (and the seasoned ones!) crowd / exhibits. Oh woe the day that this part of the book industry was given top-notch places at the fair. Push them back; way back to the very end of the fair and you will see amazingly how the dreamy and puppy-love stricken youth find their way to that particular section against all unimaginable odds. Geez if only they were so fired up in life to secure the future…

Two years back, there were some cheeky people from the furniture industry who tried to push in ‘educational furniture’ sets for the drool oozing population. The sort of ‘reading chair’, ‘writing table (or tablet looking from the size of it) and other assortment of furniture that were said to assist in the education of the young ones… I was simply flabbergasted at the mere notion of it. It was like Alice in the Wonderland kind of furniture that was a cross between a kindergarten and a playground. Totally a waste of space…

Unfortunately for bargain hunters such as I, KLIBF is really not the sort of place you would expect to see sales and bargains. KLIBF is actually more of a showcase of freshly printed publications from all over the world. Unless of course, if you are into foreign magazines, you can get it quite cheaply from several magazine vendors / distributors that usually set up shop during the fair. I hope that are stocking in a lot of past issues of my favourite technological & science magazine (The Scientist). Last year was a bonanza for me as I came in early and these magazines were found in abundance at the fair.

As said previously in my posting, I am into history right now. I wasn’t much of a historian even in my school days. I couldn’t phantom the relevance of reading the details of some ancient grandpa chiselling the walls of his cave or drawing some very odd looking 2-D graphics. It could be just some sort of mankind’s early attempt at interior decorating or merely graffiti to release some inner pressure; in which we may never know.

But growing up witnessing events as it unfolds in real time (and sometimes playing some part of it), one can never shake the feeling that by grasping the lessons of past failures, one could be a great and rich fortune teller. I can foresee now men will make the same mistake of their ancestors again and again…  (can you hear the cash register chime now?). Of course, that is simple jest but the fact remain true that history is very valuable and indeed indispensable tool in navigating the future.

Book-wise, there is a growing trend of publishers releasing history books in pictorial form. Not only it effectively captures and immortalise the essence of the moment but also gives the present day dwellers a glimpse of an era long gone since. Another trend seen in the publication of history books is via publication of chronologically ordered newspaper clippings of events. Simply marvellous! For people who hate history like I once was, just grab this type of history book and surely your eyes and mind will be quite open to the significance of history in our lives. Most are priced competitively vis-a-vis normal history books, I may add.

Whatever is your forte and preference, do spend some time (and save some money now) to pick up a good book when you see one. It keeps the mind agile and the imagination burning as we trod along the road called life. For me, at least reading is another source of amusement to my tired brain if not for knowledge. Enjoy reading and see you guys at KLIBF 2010!


4 responses to “Kuala Lumpur Internasional Buku Fair 2010

  1. Bro…aku setuju dengan entri ini. Pesta Buku sepatutnya hanya menempatkan pameran-pameran ataupun showcase yang betul-betul buku sahaja. Tak perlu ada “side show” atau pameran yang tidak buku sifatnya. Aku betul-betul tak faham kenapa perlu ada syarikat “learning aids” pun turut menyertai program ini? Kenapa perlu ada syarikat pembelajaran bahasa juga yang produknya bukan “purely” buku pun turut menyesakkan keadaan di PWTC ini? Aku tidak nampak rasional kenapa syarikat-syarikat ini perlu ada dalam Pesta Buku!

  2. Aku setuju bronk.

    bukan kita nk amik an elitist stand when it comes to books and thereby effectively bar new comers to the world of books. Tapi sebenarnya kita nak jaga the real essence of books i.e. knowledge AND thinking process building.

    Bila pesta buku kita dibanjiri side shows (thank God x de lagi gerai2 jual handphone!) that really are disguises for profit mongering companies, orang yang baru nk berjinak2 dgn dunia buku jadi sebu, mual dan loya nk teruskan.

    I mean there is always a time and place for everything (rasa2nya la) but certainly KLIBF is not the place for so-called learning aids and funny play pen cum edu-furniture stuff.

    Nuff said bronk, c ya at the fair!

  3. Bronk..this is a note that i made for the organizer for future reference:
    1) Please…no more telcos opening sales booth! This is a BOOKFAIR! Not some Huhahuha Carnival whatsoever…
    2) No more ice-cream man,and merchandise man selling food and goods in the exhibition hall! Feels like pasar malam you know!
    3) No more FAMA or MARDI, or any agro bazaar during the book fair! I still can understand if you promoting Malaysian agro products…but during bookfair? I dont think so it really appropriate…
    4) Learning aids and language learning aids during bookfair? I dont see any connection here…Hello! Again…this is a book fair!

    Why cannot we have a very decent fair promoting only books and books? And nothing else? Bronk… i rest my case…

  4. Bronk,

    Totally agree…

    Actually when we went on Saturday, we were quite lucky when the public gave a lukewarm response to the fair. Actually, a simple explanation exists; TENGAH BULAN Daaah…

    So you peeps who missed out last wiken could probably be in for a jam packed crowd at PWTC next wiken which happens to be the last days of KLIBF before wrapping up the show for 2010.

    But come to think of it, the exhibitions were also felt lacking the usual ummph as previous KLIBF and hence the encroachment of non-essentials exhibits such as you highlighted up there. Just think, uncut, unprocessed and whole fruits for sale at a book fair… omiGod!!!

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