Goodnight Mom & Dad!

Dear WordPress,

For a guy, it won’t matter how long have you been walking on this earth, mom’s cooking is always the best. Sometimes when the going gets to tough, I just wished I could go back to my ‘tender’ years where mom would always be there. Hehehe… nothing could touch me then. Mom would do everything from combing my hair (then my hair was very soft fine and manageable), washing my clothes to tidy up my stuff (I still need help on this!) and of course prepare me scrumptious meals. But alas I’m too old now I guess and probably won’t be nice to cry on mom’s shoulders if I wanted to.

Anyway, I am at the office again, mom. Always the last minutes things to shove before the weekend. Wished I could go back this weekend if I’m not too tired. The office life is getting far tougher than I would like to imagine it to be and it ain’t looking any prettier soon.  Sigh… yeah I know complaining won’t do much but it’s like hitting a wall. If you go ahead, you would know it will bust your head if not getting you anywhere soon enough. It’s that or just acknowledge a resounding defeat whilst it still mattered. Mom, M.Nasir is singing my favourite song Bonda and the lyrics couldn’t be more delightful a lullaby for me tonite;

“Mengapa kanta ini masih berkaca,
Sedangku telah pun terima di dalam redha,
Segala kepahitan,
Pengalaman menjadi penawar,
Mengejar impi ke pintu Syurga,

Duhai bonda,
Bilakah akan ku kecapi kasturi,
Penebus maruah,
Dan semangat lama,

Mengapa sinar neon dan gedung indah,
Kotaraya yang menjanjikan sejuta rasa,
Sejuta haruman,
Kini menjadi penjara jiwa,
Ku yang merindukan ketenangan,

Duhai bonda,
Hari-hariku kini berlalu,
Bagaikan bahtera,
Tanpa layar dan kemudi…”

Anyway just fired up the old WordPress before I call it a day and to say goodnight to you mom and dad! (The song is still playing in my head!)


9 responses to “Goodnight Mom & Dad!

  1. huhuhu i miss mummy… 😦

    good writing bro, again… keep it up.. we may be long distant friends, but you’re always the best to read and listen to..

    on a different note, mom dun get the treatment that they deserve by today’s kids.. i guess the fast and proactive life nowadays, made them somewhat ugly.. can’t blame the parents though as they have limited time with the kids.. its ‘work to make money for you lil brats’ time vs ‘let me be your parent-friend’ time..

    interesting.. and ugly at the same time

    • hehehe thanks bronk! that’s too much for my writing… biasa2an saja ja pak!

      Yeah even I am not a parent myself, work is just endless these days for today’s moms & dads. Hopefully u’re doing great with ur lil Faleeq. Time man, where can we buy some and more of it? Sheesh!

      In times like these, it’s heaven to be single as apt as the saying Bujang Senang huhuhu…

  2. bujang senang……hehehe.

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  4. Dude.. time is no more for sale.. Its just what we make of it that matter..

    Dun worry, u’ll know what to do when the time comes..

  5. Rasanya ada sahaja yang berkaitan antara apa yang kau alami dan apa yang aku rasa…
    Bro, kebelakangan ini kala tidur,sering sahaja aku termimpi tentang arwah mak…kadang-kadang mimpi itu,mimpi tentang peristiwa aku dan emak yang pernah terjadi sewaktu-waktu dahulu…Pun ada juga mimpi akan perkara-perkara yang tidak pernah terjadi…mainan tidur kan mimpi ini…
    Kadang-kadang sampai terbawa-bawa mimpi itu…selalu sahaja bberkira-kira untuk pulang menziarahi mak di rumah hujung minggu ini,walau sedar mak sudah lama tiada…
    Saat-saat yang sering menghampakan aku ini,aku selalu sahaja mengeluh…kalau lah mak ada lagi,pasti mak akan cakap sesuatu yang sangat-sangat masuk akal dan menenangkan…
    Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Mak..
    “Ya Allah,Kau ampunilah dosa Abah dan Mak dan Kau kasihanilah mereka seperti mana Abah dan Mak mengasihani kami sewaktu kami kecil…”

    Terima kasih Bro,atas entri ini..syahdu pula rasa di hati…

    • Bro,

      Aku pon jadi syahdu dh bila baca balik entry aku ni. Ye la, kalau bab mak especially, tengok gambar dia ke dengar suara dia ke walaupun sekali or sekejap dah dapat pahala. Nak call smlm dah lewat dah… so apa kata aku wat entry dedicated to mak dan ayah. Insya Allah ada pahala.

      Bro, al-fatihah kepada arwah mak kau. Aku harap aku jadi semakin taat dan patuh kepada mak dan ayah nak pula mereka masih lagi ada.

      Semoga Allah Taala mengasihi ibu bapa kita di dunia dan akhirat, sebagaimana mereka telah mengasihani dan membelai kita sejak dari kecil lagi. Maha Suci Allah yang mengurniakan hamba2Nya nikmat berupa ibu dan ayah. Dan hanya Dia sahajalah yang layak membalas jasa dan pengorbanan insan-insan bergelar ibu dan ayah ini.

  6. Hey,

    Thru this post, u have proven that u are not the hard-hearted, emotionally cynical, uncaring little tosser that everyone says u are. (Hahah,ye ke? Xde lah)


    I like this post because I could never, ever even describe how much I love my mum. Its like the older I get, the more I realise how amazing she really is. Of course I couldnt see that when I was younger due to the endless nagging of tidying rooms, or curfews, or washing ups and the ‘anak dara apa ni?’ constantly being said like a broken record.

    Now, I make the effort of spending almost every weekend with her because time is catching up and I hate it that she’s growing old before my eyes. I cant imagine her being old because we have always been best friends; her talking about how hot Brad Pitt is and how I strongly object. Even the simplest things like being able to pay for our dinner or drinks give me joy because its like her duty as a mother, to take care of my needs, have finally shifted to me.

    Love my mama.

    Sorry for the long comment. Didnt mean to make a mini -post here.

    My fingers were too fast for my foggy brain to stop.

    • Love your comment. In fact the longer it is, the better for EPI. It is a blog anyway so if anybody prefer short sentences spelt out in short forms for comments, they already invented SMS.

      Your comment reminds me of a cartoon where our hero said to a character in one frame “Well at least you’re not exactly an idiot like everyone else says”; to which that character promptly replied with a smile “Gee, thanks!”. Then in the next frame, that character suddenly said out loud with a confusing face “Hey, what do you mean EVERYBODY???”.

      Hahaha… I’m cold because that’s what I feel everyday in the office; being blasted mercilessly with cold air every minute from the air-con made for the Sahara desert or something. By the way, the “broken record” you said I bet now sounds like the sweetest song on earth, isn’t it? The best thing for us is to ACT NOW while there is the opportunity to be with them. Even if we can’t stand to see ourselves in the mirror, moms would always see us as the most handsome knight in shining armour or the most beautiful princess of the land!

      So instead of another over glorified and missing-the-point celebration of Mother’s and Father’s Day once in a year, lets all celebrate it everyday!

      Thanks Didi!

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