When do you want to go (if not today)?

Dear WordPress,

There are only a handful of ICT-related things that I either hate it or simply regard it as pushovers, unimportant and at best pesky. To name a few are MS Excel and Twitter; both of which are highly boring and unimportant for me. Of course top of the list in the category of pesky is the ever super pest Windows Vista (ugh!). But coming to the point of this entry, I don’t really see all the bra-ha-ha surrounding Facebook.

It would certainly be unfair if I didn’t  give these applications as much as a chance to prove its mettle to me and so I registered myself an account of Facebook (oh woe that day I’ll say!). Apart from the ho-hum stuff, frankly I’m quite miffed by its settings and layout which are quite buried and can only be uncovered after numerous C&P (click and pray). And now getting really to the point of this entry is that I subscribed as a fan to Ustaz Zaharuddin’s page sometime ago. Today I discovered a video post which is most moving at least to me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to paste the link of that video which has a background music; a nasyeed entitled Last Breath by Ahmad Bukhatir. However, my favoured and useful application i.e. Google.com came to the rescue and presented me the following video minus the nasyeed, of a Muslim’s dying moments after performing his prayers in a sujud position. Now, if that isn’t the way to end my life on earth, I don’t know what is (yes, to die a martyr is another alternative; best actually).

The following video was also suggested by youtube for me to view. Although the carpet looks the same, I don’t think it was the close up to the preceding video due to the fact that in the former video our brother’s body was repositioned by others to lay on his back after his death. But that is beside the point!

Another soul searching video…

I guess in addition to the question of WHEN, we should also ask HOW do we want to go. These videos really sent shivers to the spine not because of death by itself but it raises the third and hence the most important question of all; AM I READY TO GO TODAY?

2 responses to “When do you want to go (if not today)?

  1. I know i’m not.. I’m not worthy to see Him yet.. I know i have my shortcomings and flaws that make me just a speck of dirt in His viewing.. I know that we dunno WHEN or HOW, but I pray to Him that my effort to make up to all that is accepted. What I am today is of what I was yesterday… But for once, I want to be somebody else tomorrow by doing something today..

  2. Bronk,

    Definitely spot on. Goes to show us that everyday is a series of battles in our war against our personal demons that sought to veer us down the slippery path of eternal damnation. Not an easy task to begin with!

    p/s – Al-Fatihah to the late wife of my former boss (way back in Pejabat Daerah Gombak). She passed peacefully this morning, after years in a comatose state. May Allah shower her soul with forgiveness and mercy, Amin!

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